Skyrim Will Feature Tentacle Bears ... Maybe

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It looks more like a bear has just beaten the shit into the krakken and is standing over it. tbh that wouldnt be a fair fight considering there on land. Mabye the bear went fishing.

Though seriously, compare the typical beasts from Morrowind (Nix Hounds, Alit, Kagouti) to the ones from Oblivion (Rats, Wolves, Bears). If Skyrim can hit that sweet spot in-between the two extremes, I think that we have an awesome game on our hands. (also, I want to be able to ride a silt strider. That would be EPIC!)

Haha this made me laugh, its clearly a slain wooly mammoth and a bear standing on two legs....I hope that this was a joke

While I think it would be awesome to have tentacle bears in Skyrim, just the thought of what the internet would do with it makes me shudder. [shiver] <-(not a new line, just ran out of space)
Though I'm sure that after this whole confusion, the modding community is sure to splice together something to make this real.

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