Disgruntled Anonymous Faction Maliciously Attacks Anonymous

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So anon are infighting again.

I am not surprised. Anyone who knows anything about Anon would have expected this.




It seems to me that 'Ryan' is the one who is power hungry. If this was a general movement within Anonymous, then we wouldn't be hearing one guy's name. Why are Anonymous anti-Scientologist again? For the lulz, or because they're money hungry wierdos who take advantage of stupid people? Idk. If you're committed to keeping stupid people from making stupid decisions prepare for an endless battle that you can't win. I say focus on New Zealand.

On the point of why we protest against them, a bit of both really at least for me - Scientology is a cult that scams people out of vast amounts of money, and should be protested against, and also the people who go to the protest are cool guys and fun to hang out with. :P

Of course stupid people will make stupid decisions - what we're trying to do is stop smart, perfectly normal people from having their lives ruined by the 'church' due to ignorance about what the church is. We're trying to spread publicity about what the church exactly is and, through that, convince people to stay away from the church and rob it of its financial stability.

Oh btw, when I say "we" I mean the part of Anonymous that is targeting the Church of Scientology. I, personally, am not involved in any way with other Operations done in Anonymous' name, and have no intention in getting involved with them either :P

Meh. I guess we're arguing semantics about what it means to be stupid. I also suppose that the Scientologists must be pretty adept at 'gradual initiation' (some would call it brainwashing) if they can convince many people about Zenu or Xenu or whatever it is.

As long as you're primarily focused on spreading information about Scientology and not suppressing what the scientologists say, then I don't mind. I'm not actually sure whether temporarily hijacking someone's website to get a message out is a violation of free speech. Probably a little. Be careful where you draw the line. But you should seriously look into the New Zealand thing, it's completely unacceptable. I'm not a hacker so I can't do anything about it.

Yeah, they don't actually tell their followers about Xenu and the rest of it until they've been in the church for several years and have been indoctrinated nicely. Then they also say that you can't tell anyone else about it or they'll die, which is why any Scientologist will strongly deny any claims about such beliefs.

Now, I honestly couldn't care less about what the Scientologists say about their beliefs - I (and probably most of us) aren't trying to stop them spreading silly but essentially harmless crap (which is why Anonymous initially didn't attack the Westboro Baptist Church - despite saying "Gays and Jews will go to hell" and other offensive shit, they have a strictly no-violence policy), its when they start abusing their followers and robbing them of their money and lives when I say the lines been crossed.

I'll make sure to look into the New Zealand thing! I'm sure my Anonymous 'friends' will know something about it :3

So, a sub-faction of Anonymous, a group that prides itself on being faceless and no one knowing who anyone within the organization is, has started a hack-based civil war to seize control of the group from the other members.

... this may be me over thinking things a bit, but how is anyone going to be able to tell who is on what side? Or who they should even be attacking?

Ow, now my head hurts. And it's someone taking a leadership position to protest leadership positions... but there I go again, expecting human behavior to be logical and predictable. Ow.

Seems like all hell is breaking lose over the internets

Anonnymous vs it's Internet Troll roots. Either they will emerge from this a true social activist group, or consume themselves in the fires of the internets.

We shall see.

This just keeps getting more and more entertaining to watch.


Figures. They try and make a "leaderless" collective and then a guy tries to take control (either way, someone was attempting to seize power here). I just hope this tears their organization apart. I've been getting quite sick of them and their support of GeoHot.

Yeah, how dare those arrogant fuckers stand up for a guy getting scapegoated for something he didn't do just so some corporate suits can set a precedent that they own physical items in your house and that post-purchase EULA's trump national laws.

Seriously, read up on something before you condemn it.

I know I for one have read up plenty on it. I believe Geo should've been in jail if the case went on and Sony's been in the right all along.

In this age you can't do anything you want with whatever technology you buy anymore. Deal with it. That code opened the door to jailbreaking and piracy. It's unfortunate for those who would use it for legitimate means but blame those who do pirate for why it's illegal. Not those protecting their products.

But it's much more fun to 'fight the power' of the evil corporate overlords, right?

Ryan was probably just tired of getting spammed with dwarf porn.

Ryan, contrary to the article, was also part of the problem, as evident when he betrayed other Anonymous members by giving out their IP's, which is why the new IRC channel requires you to have something like I2P running so no admins may get your IP.

But you want to know what is the saddest thing about this?

Operation: China first reported AnonOps going rogue a few weeks before the AnonOps Admins went into "Ban Fucking Everyone" mode, primarily because some Operation: China Anon's frequented the channel.

And as we all know, China loves having lengthy chats with political dissidents.

It's going to be boring, I've been hyped up by these 'battles' for too long and I've decided that not much is going to happen.

Remember the case of Anon attacking that band member from KISS? Nothing was reported after that...

Maybe while they're squabbling they'll stop 'representing' me for a bit -.-

Ryan eh? Is it perhaps Andrew Ryan? are the Anon servers hosted in the middle of the ocean?

Would you kindly give me PSN's security details.

Ryan and Owen, are the worst hacker alias ever.

Does this mean that Sony might get some peace? All I care about is how this relates to PSN coming back online.

So, a sub-faction of Anonymous, a group that prides itself on being faceless and no one knowing who anyone within the organization is, has started a hack-based civil war to seize control of the group from the other members.

... this may be me over thinking things a bit, but how is anyone going to be able to tell who is on what side? Or who they should even be attacking?

Exactly. I'm betting a few people involved here are just joining in and attacking random targets for maximum lulz and confusion. More double crossings than all the Mission Impossibles put together.

Or it'll all just fail and minor inconveniences will occur. Eh.

Anyonomous getting a taste of its own medicine.
Now that irony.

Anonymous is an anarchist group of people under the guise of organization. They can't have infighting because they don't exist. They're anonymous.
I could tell you right now that I'm the leader of anonymous, and I would be.


Now awesome remark with the proper link!

So Anon has turned into this?


well obviously the real anon group will win against the exiled group

Tom Goldman:
Disgruntled Anonymous Faction Maliciously Attacks Anonymous


Hacker infighting has begun between two opposing factions of Anonymous members.

While hacker group Anonymous has become known for attacking various corporations, religious organizations, and musicians, the latest target of the organization is Anonymous itself. Recently, a group of disgruntled Anonymous members split off and seized control of certain Anonymous websites previously used to coordinate operations.

Anonymous is said to be a non-centralized, democratic group of hackers that doesn't have any real generals, just a bunch of soldiers that enact operations based on support by other soldiers. A "rogue admin" named "Ryan" is said to be behind the seizure of these Anonymous sites due to his belief that Anonymous members were taking leadership positions and focusing operations on acquiring media attention.

Speaking to Thinq, Ryan said that certain Anonymous admins such as "Owen" began to abuse their roles, in fact creating a leadership hierarchy where there wasn't supposed to be one. Ryan launched a "coup d'etat" of sorts, taking control of AnonOps.net and AnonOps.ru and also leaking the IP addresses of Anonymous members. "There is a hierarchy. All the power, all the DDoS - it's in that channel," Ryan said.

"The media is part of the problem. It's why AnonOps still exists," Ryan added. He and his supporters believe that Anonymous' power was wasted on "stupid operations" only launched to gain publicity, including OpSony (which Anonymous still denies is involved with the current PSN downtime). Ryan hopes that his acts, which have reportedly taken some of Anonymous' power away, will change Anonymous, saying: "More groups will pop up. Probably many different ones. AnonOps just won't be the flagship."

Anonymous members opposed to Ryan deny his claims. "Like the speaker of parliament, we didn't make laws but we ensured an environment existed in which they could be made," one Anon said. "So most of the talk in there was network maintenance, server issues, floods, attacks on us and how to counteract them, etc. If you wanted to start your own operation on AnonOps, all you have to do is create a new channel for it, register it, and get people interested ... If Anonymous really wants to do something, no one person can stop them."

They add that Ryan is intimidating Anonymous members with the threat of an up to 800,000 hijacked computer botnet, which could be used to attack AnonOps if it's taken back. The Anons say they knew Ryan was "dangerous" due to his outbursts, revealing: "We knew one day there would be a massive one, but we were never sure when." They call Ryan's motivation into question, especially after his outing of IP addresses from largely innocent Anonymous members.

"I don't see how anyone could claim to be working for the general good of Anonymous by putting hundreds of Anons in danger of being arrested," an Anon said. "Most of the people on that list aren't operators, they are just ordinary users who aren't involved in administrative drama between server owners."

There have always been separate groups of Anonymous members, but until now they were usually on the same side. The "core" of Anonymous is currently trying to regain control, but what happens after that is anyone's guess.

Thanks for the tip Starke!

Source: Thinq


The young lads said let us hack xbox live and I said NO
The mature hackers said Let us grovel and plan major atack I said NO
Then we went and hacked PSN

I rejected those idea's
In the end my friends I chose RaptureAnonOps

Meh that's what suddenly boomed into my head whilst reading the article

The Silent War of Shadows begins.

All this talk about popcorn has given me a raging craving for some Orville Redenbacher.

Get the new kind that turns the bag into a bowl. The bag turns into a bowl!! Boy the woman in that commercial is annoying.

*Passes popcorn

OT: Isn't this just a little bit counter productive? Dividing a group tends to make it weaker....

Everyone, stop eating the popcorn.

It's been poisoned!


No splicers


HA, and again, HA! I laugh at the delicious irony...it tastes like...popcorn.
No, wait...that's the actual popcorn I'm eating...delicious popcorn.
Have some.

I got out when it was still a united front, I guess :O

I can't agree with the general emotion of the thread.

So here's a picture of a dog with googly eyes.


Its time for a manly slap fight.Get out the checker board!

So, a sub-faction of Anonymous, a group that prides itself on being faceless and no one knowing who anyone within the organization is, has started a hack-based civil war to seize control of the group from the other members.

... this may be me over thinking things a bit, but how is anyone going to be able to tell who is on what side? Or who they should even be attacking?

I like to think of it as two groups of people flailing wildly at each other while in a large field covered by thick fog.
No one knows whose on what side, what the hell is going on, who is leading each group and if anyone is even winning!

looks like Ryan isn't anonymous anymore

Oh lord.. Please let this be the end of their blatant fucking stupidity. NO ONE wants Anonymous around. They cause more trouble than good. It's a pathetic cause and DDoS attacks are not the answer. Why can't you just leave it the fuck alone if you don't like it? It's like 4chan vs. Tumblr. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT!?

Ugh.. Grow up, idiots.

If Anonymous kills itself, that's an even greater end than I originally thought. FBI, starting arresting these fuckers. Now.

I'm so confused, this just doesn't make a fucking lick of sense anymore, not like it made much in the first place, but still...

Damn, I use to support these guys, now I just don't know what the hell to do.

Hmm, coincidence!

Life of bryan and the people's front of judea!

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