You Too Can Name the Moons of Pluto

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Hungur(Hunger) and Sultur(Famine), the cutlery of Hel in Norse mythology

Mondas and Telos.

At least until we discover a tenth planet.

There had been one, but I think it was registered too small and just gets called Planet X.

Anyway, Mondas exploded.

Come! Orpheus!

My vote goes to Orpheus and Thanatos, then.


There's literally more names in Roman mythology than anyone can deal with, how the heck do we keep trying to give planets the same name?

Cerberus and... i got nothing

I went with Cerberus and Erebus. The former because he was the guardian of the underworld, the second because he was a spirit in the underworld who's wife/lover/mother-of-his-children was already represented among the moons (Nix).

Discovered in 2930 ya say?
Well, I didn't know we somehow know we'll find this in some 900 years. The future is now!

I voted for Persephone, that planet/not planet/thing has been a bachelor long enough!

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