SCOTUS Actually Played "Violent Video Games" Before Ruling On Them

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Now I know why the Supreme Court started using purple dildo bats instead of gavels.

Now we just need the retards in Australia to do the same thing.

No, wait, that would just end up with them banning MORE games following the "law of ass backwards".

Fairly certain that's a requirement of the ratings department anyway...

Though to be honest, the number of Australians I saw leaving facebook comments about how it was entirely appropriate to ban whatever they personally didn't like didn't inspire much confidence.

Seems the heart of the problem isn't limited to the government trying to ban things...

I think you're taking email bit way out of proportion. Some of these judges actually do, some actually don't. Lots of smart people I know (of varying ages) don't have Email or Facebook or whatever by choice even though they are fully aware of it.

Kudos to them for trying it out. I have respect for people willing to give something new a try. With the flurry of rumors and pointed fingers, games need a fair chance like this to assessed properly.

One of the more recently retired Justices (Souter I believe) was noted for disliking electricity. he would drag his desk around the office to keep it in the sunlight from the window rather than turn on an electric lamp. Although it is possible that whale oil was still considered an acceptable alternative in his world view.

No, they really don't live in the same world as the rest of us. Kagan is probably the most technology savy of the lot of them. (Athough the thought of Ruth Badder Ginsberg screaming out HEADSHOT in a CoD match is oddly arousing?)

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