Anyone get the hate for Skyrim?

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Because i don't get it.

As a long time fan of the Half-Life/Portal series, I have first hand experience with this sort of thing. As such, allow me to clarify the situation for you.

Is the game in question popular? Is the game in question influential in some way? Do a lot of people like the game and do they profess their enjoyment of the game to others?

If the answer is 'yes' to the above, then or in real life[1]...will decide that, because they don't like it, everyone else must hate it. In fact, these sorts of shit-eating neanderthals consider it an affront to their very being that anyone could possibly like something they don't. So, they take it upon themselves to force their way into any discussion on the game in question and, in their minds, 'educate' the 'ignorant masses' on why they are 'wrong' about their enjoyment of the game. They take it as some sort of personal vendetta to make sure that no one anywhere be allowed to like something that they don't like.

So, why is there hate for Skyrim? Because it is popular and there are people who like it and consider it fun. And, as far as some people are concerned, that just isn't allowed.

And before someone decides to get all uppity with me, I'm not saying someone can't have legitimate criticisms of the game. It's perfectly fine to not like the game for one reason or another. Hell, I don't even like Skyrim. But to vehemently HATE the game (or any game, really), and to forcibly scream that hate at those that do like the game, goes way beyond any sort of rational response.

[1] Usually the former as these sorts of bottom dwellers are too cowardly and antisocial to voice their deep-seeded bile in any situation where they might face real, meaningful consequences.

Its largely due to it beinf the Elder Scrolls game that needs mods to make it fun the most. Without Mods Skyrim gets uber boring super quick and felt dated to look at fairly quickly as well.

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