Games everyone likes except you

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i ablsolutely loath mass effect but everyone of my friends loves it :(

all rpgs ... all flying simulators and all turn based strategy games , except for worms

Half Life, Gears Of War, and Uncharted 2. Everybody EXCEPT me liked it. Well, at least in my group of friends.


Gears of War. I thought it was really boring.

Racing and Music games. They're worshipped by most, but don't click for me.

Final Fantasy 7. The characters were unlikeable and idiotic (apart from sephiroth). Yet everyone seemed to think it's the best in the series. Personally I think 9 should have that honour.

Anything Gears of War or Fifa related just seems to be all the kids at my school can talk about at the moment. I don't see what makes Fifa 10 so important compared to the other ones.

Bioshock, Half-Life, Gears of War, Halo, and Fallout 1 & 2.
In order: Overhyped FPSRPG. Way overhyped FPS that bored the hell outta me. Another overhyped game, really the action was okay nothing to shit yourself over. The first one was good, second okay, third... Don't get me started on the third. Fallout 3 ruined me for Fallout 1 & 2.

Final Fantasy, Guitar Hero, DDR, most Wii Games...

Soccer Games I hate the moste because I've lost every
single match I ever played

Most racing games (cept Burnout), Call of Duty, Sims, Final Fantasy 2-whatever they have now, and sports games.

Gears of War
Guitar Hero

I'll tell you if I think up anything else.

Oh right. Final Fantasy VII.

Modern Warfare 2, it's like the way I hate school or facebook, it is more the people in it than the actual thing.

Yes because you are the only person with that opinion, not a single other person on the planet hate's these games except you...

If I must say something: Wow, even though I know other people hate it too

I just don't want to be a troll that's all

all the gta games once they left the computer and went console.

Halo... Gears of War, Guitar Hero... etc etc

Guitar hero, rockband, pretty much any reflex tester game really, screw playing a game that tells me what button to push and when, I want to use the controller to control something, not the other way around

Marvel Alliance, don't really see the appeal. Also, Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I can actually play guitar. So most of these songs I can play already. Why would I want to relearn them using only five buttons. Plus playing that game made my hands and wrist hurt. Those games are going to give a lot of people arthritis by the age of thirty-five.

Jon Etheridge:
Grand Turismo

New avatar eh? (I see what you did there...)

I'd probably agree on this. I played it for a while when I was staying at this big old country house with a bunch of other families. This one guy was crazy about it, but it was a bit too technical on the specs for me. I preferred the PGR series, because it gave you manageable stats like acceleration and handling, which actually made sense, rather than throwing some mumbo jumbo name for the part of the car that runs that particular spec.

I think this thread is quite interesting, because i've seen a bunch of replies here stating games I love, but also an equal amount of games I would agree on disliking. It really shows the variety of tastes that modern gamers have.

Fallout 3, I for some reason just dont enjoy it. There is something that I cannot put my finger on that just ruins it for me. Maybe it is multiple things but I dont know. It is fun every once in a while but even then it just never won me over. However I do have my vault boy bobble head which is probably my favorite piece of plastic junk.

Halo (good, not the be-all-and-fucking-end-all)
TF2 (prefer L4D for team-based multiplaying)
Half-Life (2 was great, 1 was a bit bland)


Also, Burnout: Paradise, it got a ton of praise and all but I found it to be a pretty boring racing game with a very annoying radio host.

Same here.

Never got the whole GTA deal at all!

Ok this is not a game, rather a piece of gaming equipment, the Wii Fit. I got on the stupid thing to register myself on it or whatever, and after I picked out all the customizations and stuff, I put in my height and stepped on it so it could calculate my weight. Now I'm not fat by any means, my stomach does not roll over my pants after i have put them on, and I do not have double-chins. But when this thing drew me up there, it put me in the obese classification and drew me as a legitimate ball. I found that insulting and decided to leave it alone.

Gods, there are so many.

Final Fantasy 7: Never underestimate the power of legions of squawking bishonen fangirls and their magnesium panties! (Yes, even Sephy sucks)
ES:Oblivion: Snoozeriffic!
GTA: I just don't get it. Crackdown was better. GTA meets Spiderman 2 without the suck of the former or the bugs of the latter.
Sims: Guys shouldn't play with dollhouses, even electronic ones.
Gears of War: Never even had any interest.
Anything centered on online PvP: I'm secure in the size of my genitals, thanks.

Slash Dementia:

never could get into any of the GTA's. just not my style i guess.

That makes two of us.
Also, Burnout: Paradise, it got a ton of praise and all but I found it to be a pretty boring racing game with a very annoying radio host.

You don't like open world games or just the gta style of gaming?

I thought Burnout Paradise was really disappointing but that's because Burnout Revenge is probably my favorite car game. However Burnout Revenge was mostly a regular racing game just with the added annoyance of being in a sandbox. If it had crash junctions and a higher ratio of road rages to races, I would've loved it.

The most obvious to me would be No More Heroes. The tutorial level was fun but the rest of the game (save a couple of boss battles) was more boring than an insurance convention. I wish I had the drugs the critics were on when they were raving about it. I can see how there can be an appeal (mostly to otaku and 11 year olds who tricked their parents into buying them a wii game with blood and cursing) but the game was just really poorly crafted. All style, no substance.

Final Fantasy games and JRPG's in general.

Guitar hero. Mother of god, Guitar hero.

I never liked it, but before I started saying bad things about it I actually tried playing it for a while, just in case everyone else was right and it was a great game. It thoroughly failed to impress me.

WoW, Halo, Fable 2, Lineage 2, Secret of Mana

I hate all the Zelda games.
Everyone keeps telling me i'm a complete moron for saying this but i can just never get into them. Maybe it's because I never played them when i was younger and now i'm older i just don't see the appeal.

halo 3 call of duty 4 fallout (any of them) infamous... the list goes on and on

Final Fantasy. Which is odd considering I prefer JRPG's above most genres.

Also, Accept is spelled with an A.

CoD, Halo, Counterstrike, GoW and racing games.

I might like them If I played them longer but they do not appeal to me.

So what you really meant was, I hate mainstream FPS's because I'm so original and different?

Metal Gear series.

I never found any appeal in it other than the funny voice acting that occurs. Also what is up with the Raiden naked mission? I loved some of the cutscenes in the Metal Gear Solid 2, but most of it was so boring...

I found Splinter Cell to be more appealing and had better music.

Why am I not surprised to see more than half the post have "Halo" written down? I swear 90% of the forums here doesn't like Halo and more than half of that are haters of the game.

Final Fantasy. Which is odd considering I prefer JRPG's above most genres.

Also, Accept is spelled with an A.

Actually, not in this context. The word he's looking for is not "accept", but "except"

Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, actually, more or less every FPS with very few exceptions.
Also, I do like Final Fantasy VII, but I really don't think it's as good as most people say it is.

RTS games are the worst to me. I can't get into Startcraft, Warcraft, Age of Empire, Command And Conquer, etc.

I just can't get into them. I skip over every single RTS review on every website and magazine. I find them to be absolutely no fun.

The online aspect is all about the fastest kill as possible, and some 11 year old from Korea somehow has a whole army before you can even make one building.

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