How has your gaming taste changed with age?

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I can't stand older retro games to be honest. I mean, I loved them as a kid. Megaman X was awesome. The problem is, there are better games out now, and no amount of nostalgia is going to make a game like Ocarina of Time better than stuff out now.

Yes, flame me. I didn't like Ocarina of Time. Zelda Games are far too slow in terms of gameplay. Its just not that fun now.

I used to really like racing games, had way over 20 of those now I only have 3 or 4 and I don't remember when I last played one of them. Also I used to paly a lot of RTS games, now there is only few that i play regularly.
Now I play more shooters not the military ones the si-fi ones and RPG-s also si-fi ones.

I guess ever since I stop playing Guild Wars everday I came to realise how the game mechanic "click to point" used in game to be quite plain. This proven to be true when I had a weekend try out with Champion Online as I lose the immersion of the game over this mechanic.
This is also one of the reason why I had stay away from KOTOR since while playing an MMORPG Star Wars game look awesome but at the end of the day you are clicking your character to move, fight and etc which quickly loose the appeal to me.

I care more about the story now though. Back then I could play a bad game with decent gameplay and still have fun then but not so much nowadays. Also I use to love JRPGs now I can barely stand them, I actually prefer western RPGS now.

I was really into sim games (Roller Coster Tycoon/ Mall Tycoon/ The Sims etc) then I got a Playstation when I was 19 and never looked back.

Most of the games I play now are RPG's

When I was younger, I used to just buy a lot of games based on the box art, so I ended up playing an assortment of games. Nowadays I usually steer towards RPGs and games from the early 2000s that I missed out on.

I've found that twitch shooters annoy me. I like games that move slowly and require some planning, now.

I haven't really changed, I played all sorts when I was a kid and still do. As I've gotten older I've realised I missed alot as a kid though so i'm going back and playing a lot of cRPG's.

It hasn't changed at all with age, I'll still play Ratchet and Clank or Burnout on my PS2 equally as much as Ill play Half-life 2 or TF2 on my PC. It has however changed with time and progression of technology- I used to be exclusively singleplayer, but since the dawn of fibre-optic internet I can actually play games like TF2 without being uselessly laggy.

Not much, I've come to enjoy tactical or "realistic" FPS games a lot more. By realistic, I don't mean stuff like COD or Medal of Honor. More like ArmA and Operation Flashpoint (The original one, not the new ones, ugh...)

Yea, as far as military shooters go, I can't tolerate the mainstream crap like COD or BF anymore.

I always preferred the old R6 games (Raven Shield and earlier) and games like Ghost Recon 1 and SWAT 4, but when I played OFP: Cold War Crisis, I was pretty blown away. Trying to play a COD game after that was just laughable and painful at the same time.


Used to hate First Person Shooters, my main genres were third person shooter/adventure/platform and RTS. Preferred console over PC.

Now I prefer PC over consoles and like flight sims and FPS.

When the N64/ps1/saturn where on their way out and the Xbox/PS2/gamcube were new, I was excited to see what gaming would be like when it was all gritty and real. Then the PS3/Xbox360 gave us this:
Now.... I just want to see it all burn in a fire.

I play a new game today, and my first response is, "Oh! Zombies/Russians.... again". I don't mind repetition with something that works, but I was never a fan of zombies or war to begin with. Such a imagination-less enemy, no thought has to be put into them at all. I liked it better when games had things, you know: creatures, robots, dinosaurs etc.I am tired of playing games and thinking, "Man, this would be sooo much more fun if *insert something from previous generations here*". Games have gotten so bland and un-fun, that's happening every single time now, which is why I have basically given up and am focusing more on increasing the size of my SNES/Sega Saturn/PS1/Gamecube catalog. many of the good games I missed out on turn out to have what I have been missing: Fun. They will also go to any absurd length to give it to me, realism and grittiness be damned! That is the best thing a video game can do.

Mine hasn't changed a whole lot in about 20 years of gaming - Western RPGs and driving games have always been my favourites, and that hasn't changed.

What has dropped off is my interest in FPS and RTS games - I loved the first Starcraft, for example, but by the time the second one finally came out I just didn't care about it or the genre as a whole any more. Same with FPS - I date all the way back to Wolf3D, Doom and Quake, but I can't remember the last time I actually spent any real time playing an FPS. I think I had a brief dalliance with the first Rainbow Six game, and that's about it.

My taste hasn't changed just my time to play that's why i play less games over time.

On second thought I moved from Capcom fighting games to The King of fighters.

My tolerance for grind has dropped like a rock over the years.

I'm the same.
While I enjoy JRPGs, I enjoy the more if I can grind less.

I USED to be a HUGE JRPG fan.
If it was turn based, and made in Japan, I got it and I played the CRAP out of it.

Eh...ANY turn-based game makes me iffy.

My tastes haven't really changed, it's more like they've expanded over the years. I used to hate shooters back when goldeneye and Medal of honor: frontline came out, but now I love certain shooters and first person games, though usually not the multiplayer ones.

When I was a kid, all I really played was Harvest Moon and pokemon games. Now I play a lot more variety of games.......... and still play HM and pokemon. xD

I'm sick of cover-based shooters. I personally preferred shooters such as GoldenEye (wow, that dates me) where there was actual strategy besides "Oh, look! Enemy! HIDE!".

Monster Hunter Tri would have to be one of my favourite games, along with Skyward Sword and TF2.

I was into all sorts of games when I was a kid. I had an N64, so I had Mario Kart, Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Goldeneye, Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer and Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.
In high school I had a GameCube which I traded for a PS2 which I traded for an Xbox, so I had a number of different games over the course of those. Most of the games on the latter 2 were RPGs and Action Adventure (though I had Halo and Halo 2).
Last year, before I sold my Xbox 360, I mainly had FPSs (CoD: BlOps, BF3), but I eventually sold that to build a gaming PC and know I have all RPGs and Action Adventures (Dragon Age, Fallout: NV, Skyim, GTA IV).

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