Games you want to like but just can't

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Right now Jak and Daxter, I saw nothing but good things about these games and I played through about 4 hours of it last night and I'm finding it pretty tedious already. Its may be pretty stupid being disappointed with an 11 year old game, but the Sly trilogy really made me fall in the love with the series.

Brink. Oh god Brink.

I had first heard of the game in early September of 2009. I was ecstatic. It seemed like my dream game. A mix of everything that made the games it took from great. The trailers looked solid. They drew me in.

Then they postponed it to to the fall of 2010. "Alright. I can deal with that. Better a game come out late and good than early and suck, right?" I said. I waited, still no release date.

Then they postpone it AGAIN, to spring of 2011. By February I had forgotten about the game, only finding out about it again by posters at Gamestop. I looked at more videos, and decided to pre-order it. This was my first game that I had ever pre-ordered.

I got my hands on the game finally, sometime around early June, having neglected to pick it up. Popped the disc in, and started playing. I don't know if my expectations were too high, or if the quality of the game was just too low, but I just wasn't enjoying it.

Guns were overpowered and underpowered right out of the gate, some abilities seemed useless or negligible. Although the mechanics were fine, the experience as a whole was lackluster, and the strange difficulty curve on the single player missions was annoying, especially the shipyard one and the 3 star challenges. This just was not the game I was expecting.

Grenge Di Origin:
*waits for fanboys to permaban me/Escapists to flame me*

Hey, it's just my opinion.

Random Escapist:

Your opinion sucks.


Yep, I agree. I just found the whole game to be boring, dry and mediocre.

Dead Rising 2 - I loved Case Zero, but when i got the full game it was just too big, and the combat got really boring, really fast. That and the mission timers bugged me.

Crysis 2 - I love me a good shooter, and this one looked really good, but the story was repetitive, and the multiplayer was really generic.

Painkiller. Everybody's all like "This game is awesome!!1!", but I just don't like it. It's boring. And the Shuriken-Lightning gun sucked.

Mass Effect series. Sci-Fi, good story(from the bits I've played through), cool setting, RPG elements, shooting, and interesting characters. It has a lot of things I look for in a game and yet I can't for the life of me get into them. I just don't have any fun.

Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, and New Vegas. Again they have lots of things I look for in a game, but they fall to keep me interested. And the glitches and crashes don't help. Not by a long shot.

Sort of had trouble getting into BioShock. The story was brilliant and the neat steampunk setting was enough to get me through it but it's not something I feel like replaying. For all the plasmids and gene tonics I didn't really feel like I had too much control over customizing my character and I hate how you had to dump a Valentine's Day Massacre worth of bullets into every enemy to kill them. Though if pressed I'd still say I like BioShock

Gears of War on the other hand I really TRIED to like. I remember my brother brought it home from college and we tried out the co-op but I could never get past how the characters all looked like walking slabs of beef and sounded like rusty coffee grinders. I was even intrigued by the idea of cover based shooting (of course this was back before that became ubiquitous as hell) but I could never really get into it.

Gotta be Xenoblade Chronicles. It was heavily recommended by a friend and every reviewer on the planet but when I played it I just couldn't stop cringing. I look at reviews and every time they mention an aspect they like I think 'but that's why I hate it!' I hate the visual style, the characters, the voice acting, the side-quest system and the combat. Honestly when I played the game I felt trolled. Feels pretty weird.

Dragon Age:Origins. I love Fantasy RPG's and Dragon age sounded great. Dragons, magic, non-human characters, all stuff I like. I played it for about two hours before I got really bored. I didn't agree with Yahtzee's opinion of lord of the rings style fantasy being done to death until I played Dragon age, but I definitely do now.

Kingdom of Amalur. It had so much potential. I played it a long time but its just too tedious and most the characters you interact with are just too bland.

Its a single player MMO, and thats just bad. The quests have no real meaning to it outside of the faction quests. Your player is just too powerful, theres no challenge and the story doesn't make up for it.

I finally finished all the faction quests which was the only thing keeping me in the game I no longer have the will to keep on going.

Another is Dungeon Siege 3, I'm a huge dungeon siege fan. I still to this day have a DS2 installed on my labtop and I absolutely love going in and playing it now and then. DS3 killed everything that was dungeon siege. Its not a DS game, and I wish it was good enough to keep its feet. Multiplayer is... that is game is the perfect example of how to make a bad co-op multiplayer.

Its great for couch co-op, anything else is just... no real point.

On paper the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series sound perfect for me: a collection of non-linear FPS RPGs set in the former Warsaw Pact with supernatural elements? Yes please! But every time I start the first game I just lose interest and I can't tell why. Lack of character creation maybe?

My dad loves those games though, won't hear anything against them.

Half Life 1-2.2
Elder Scrolls Games post-Daggerfall
Final Fantasy (All 25+ Games)

There's just something about these games that really bug me. It might be because they are so popular and I'm unaware that I might be a hipster.

Or is it because they're all boring as fuck?

I WANT to like Dark Souls.

But then I realize that its impossible to 'like' that game.

I love Dark Souls.
It makes me angrier than any other game, but I fucking love it.

OT: FFXIII, for reasons everybody knows at this point.

Final Fantasy 7

I'm having to play it at the moment due to a deal I made with my boyfriend. And its just rubbish, its boring and looks like folded paper.

Everybody seems to love it but I am starting to think that is just nostalgia blindness.
I've been assured it gets better later on.

Red Dead Redemption. I really want to like it, and there's a lot that appeals to me, but I just get bored and wander off after a while.

Come to think of it, I have the same feeling about the Witcher.

Grenge Di Origin:
*waits for fanboys to permaban me/Escapists to flame me*

Hey, it's just my opinion.

Random Escapist:

Your opinion sucks.


you may get a less flamey response if you give reasons why the game wasnt your thing rarther than trying to avoid getting flamed.

for me.the original fallouts.i dont know what it is i just cant like the game that much.i loved other similar games like baldurs gate.but fallout ,no.

Tales of Phantasia. dear god why did we only get the GBA version?

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

I loved Final Fantasy Tactics on GBA and I find that there are things in this game which are better in comparison......but by Christ is the difficulty just too brutal. A handful of the missions I had to go through felt so hard to accomplish and the amount of farming to get my troops to their strengths to finish them was just not fun for me. The other game felt alot easier to get through the story without feeling stuck but in this game the amount of times I have to grind my arse off just to finish one stinking mission is just annoying.

Also that one mission where you have to defend Rapha on Riovanes Castle Roof, two words:


The original on the ps1 was harder in my opinion. Having played that one first i found the gba ones too easy , but then again i'm a gaming masochist lol . I must admit it is pretty hard , even when you don't do the bonus stuff . I was so dissapointed that your characters coulda perma die in the gba games and i really didn't like the laws , so of them were flat out retarded. I won't say they are bad games though , because they aren't .

I do agree that a stupid amount of grind is required for FFT war of lions, but the original was worst , way worst in regards to the grind. But despite that it is one of my favorite games ever.

Double post , my bad.

King of Asgaard:

I WANT to like Dark Souls.

But then I realize that its impossible to 'like' that game.

I love Dark Souls.
It makes me angrier than any other game, but I fucking love it.

Both of the Souls games have caused me so much frustration in the past, but I still love them.

On-topic: BioShock 1&2. I liked the story just about until the point right after you meet Andrew Ryan. It should have ended there, because the rest of the game was pretty awful, story wise and gameplay wise. I found the gameplay in general in that game to be tedious, the second one kind of improved that, but not really by a significant margin. Despite its improvements to the gameplay, the second game was just bland and unnecessary. Still have hopes for Infinite though.

The Elder Scroll series in general has been hard for me to really like. I played quite a bit of Skyrim when it came out, and I enjoyed it then, but as time goes on, I just dislike the games more and more. Can't really explain it, but Oblivion and Skyrim feel really hollow and unsatisfying to play. They just to begin to feel like really shallow single player MMO's with no challenge after awhile. I bet I'd like Morrowind if I could get over some of its quirks, but I can't.

Kid Icarus Uprising, I really want to like it, the graphics are so amazing and the music is as well but my god Pit's voice just drives me insane and the controls for the ground battles just frustrates me more and more when I am trying to run away/around an enemy and while trying to move the camera AND dodge, the enemy is just rofl stomping me until I die.

Beyonette, I am a big fan of the DmC series when i was younger but for some reason this game does absolutely jack for me. I have tried to replay the intro and first few levels but I just cannot bring myself to do so.

Elder Scrolls series, Not too sure why I cannot enjoy the games but I guess it has to do with the lack of linearity. Yes I am sure it is linear if you skip all side missions and just do the main missions but I love doing side missions and seeing if those missions/quests give additional back story or help influence the ending of the game.

*Icewind Dale.

Grenge Di Origin:
*waits for fanboys to permaban me/Escapists to flame me*

Hey, it's just my opinion.

Random Escapist:

Your opinion sucks.


I agree. It's not really a bad game, but I had no urge to re-play it after I beat it. It seemed like more a tech demo to the game engine they created rather then an actual video game.

I liked HL1 because of:
Extremely complex level design, almost reminiscent of Super Metroid. Some backtracking, connecting to new areas, switches to find etc.

A perfect mix of sci-fi and horror (and I do mean perfect)

Bizarre and interesting monsters around every corner

The whole end sequence/level of the game was very surreal, and the perfect way to close such an amazing experience.

The whole thing was very clever and original from start to finish. I really enjoyed conducting an experiment that did all this to the world, I felt like a true mad scientist and hero simultaneously. What an odd mix!

Guess what? 2 has none of that! HL2 has great voice acting, likable characters, good scenery, neat physics... and none of that is what I enjoyed in HL or any of it's spinoffs (I wasn't looking for any of that). Having that there isn't a problem at all, those are all great things!! Unfortunately they weren't additions, they were replacements. All the things I was looking for weren't there, which made the whole experience of HL2 very lacking for me.

The worst part of all is HL2's main enemy is interchangeable with the soldiers you encounter later in HL1. Firefights? ...With PEOPLE!? I thought that was boring as hell in HL1 (especially with all the fantastical things everywhere else in the game), and HL2 just reminded me of how boring that was again. Oh how I long for the days when HL meant a giant three headed green abomination banging it's head endlessly in a silo that must be navigated.

I will admit Episode 2 was a step in the right direction.

Have I said this before? Neverwinter Nights 2, I could never get past the first act, it annoyed the crap out of me. But, when I get some free time I might try again.

Mine has got to be Wind Waker, I'm a massive Zelda fan and so many people claim it to be the best one but something about it just... irks me. Irks me to my core.


Mine has got to be Wind Waker, I'm a massive Zelda fan and so many people claim it to be the best one but something about it just... irks me. Irks me to my core.

I feel your pain to. I loved the old NES zelda, and I read that this Link was supposed to be a throwback to the first NES style link. And yeah, I could kind of see that, so the art style didn't bother me. The game however... man, what a letdown. It's funny to, because my friends loved the game part but hated the art style. I just found the whole thing very very boring... I wanted a Hyrule, something to really explore. 90% of Wind Waker was endless blue nothing, with some secrets hidden about. That's... just.... YUCK. Also, Wind Waker is the first videogame I ever fell asleep playing. That kind of says everything right there.

I did finally beat it, and yes I know the spoiler. But you know what? It doesn't change anything. It's not like Hyrule is actually there, you can't play inside it. Meh...

For everyone mentioning the Witcher: It gets good when you quit after 5 hours and come back 6 months later and play for another 20 hours. lol

bioshock. should of been a game i loved but i only lasted to the middle 3 part fetch quest bfore giving up. also assassins creed, really didnt grab me at all

Deus Ex Human Revolution.

I'm not even 10 hours in and I just see no reason to continue. I'm not having fun. I don't care about the love interest, whatever the hell her name was or her god damn mother either. Why is the city of Detroit the size of one half city block? Does Adam sleep in the hallways of his place of employment? Where the hell is his house? Where is the rest of the city for that matter?

No game, I'm not going to sneak around anymore in your story-telling set pieces and throw myself at furniture until you quit acting like a linear, story driven FPS with cover based mechanics.

ummm... You know you have to explore, even the slightest bit, right?

Adam Jensen lives in his apartment that you can walk to at anytime.

The mother thing was also just a side mission...

Detroit is much bigger than half a block, you have gone to the place with all the apartments, right? or through the subway station tothe other side of town, right?

I hope you dont honestly mean that they should build the ENITRE city of Detroit...

(You also go to a bigger city in China later in the game)

Maybe you shop,uld play and EXPLORE ANYTHING before getting mad and quitting....

Eve online, damn that game sounds awesome in principle but it's just so goddamn boring when you start playing it... I've tried subscribing again and again, trying to get into it, joining a company and learning the intricacies of the game but I never manage to play it for more than a few days straight before getting burned out.

Tribes: Ascend.

I really, really want to like that game, but I just can't. I find that the way the maps are so large and that everyone can go frictionless/have a jet pack makes the game a bit too... bouncy. It's not very fluid, and anyone rarely kills anyone else, it seems.

Captcha: Oh, lord

I remember pumping quite a few hours into Oblivion and never getting into it. God, it's bland.

Batman: Arkham Asylum. Fantastic atmosphere, but I never feel like a badass because it's automated so much. I just push Y a few times and Batman kicks around like a ninja and bangs heads against the wall. It looks great but it's just not me doing it. I really tried to like it, but it bores me, and I get distracted.

Once a year I hear how awesome GUN is, reinstall it, and every time without failing, I bust my teeth on the barfight in the first town. It feels like an arcade game, there's like a hundred guys shooting and throwing torches. I like my western gritty, not cartoony.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

I loved Final Fantasy Tactics on GBA and I find that there are things in this game which are better in comparison.....

Yeah, put me down for this as well, but for different reasons.

Always wanted to play Tactics on PSX (never came out in Europe). I loved Advance, end even bought the Tactics soundtrack (which is fantastic.

However, by the time I finally played it, I'd already gotten bored of tactical RPGs because, well, most of the time they're not tactical. I haven't got the patience to spend 30 minutes on a single game now.

For other games, I'm on the verge of putting Vanquish on the list. This game really does suck a bit. The visuals are a confusing mess, and the controls are awkward with pretty much no button customization. And I'm not going to get started on how much the boost sucks.

The story is s**t (there really is no other way to describe it), the cutscenes are boring and pointless, and the conversations just get in the way.

I love arcade run n gun games so I was hoping Vanquish would meet halfway between run n gunners and cover & shoot games like Army of Two and Gears of War, but it just falls short in execution.

Erm... The only game I can think of right now that I've felt that way towards was Skyrim, I played the hell outta Oblivion and own it both for the xbox and a game of the year edition for the PC, spending hours wandering about doing what ever. As with Skyrim though... Got past the first part, looked about a little then turned it off. XD

There just wasn't that "feeling" there I got from Oblivion so I got bored.

Skyrim. Which makes me sad.

By all rights I am a Bethesda fanboy. My upgrade cycle was determined by Bethesda's release schedule. I wanted to love Skyrim but it just got boring.

Another was the Witcher series. On paper they should have had me, but by the time I would get past the first boss fight in either my brain would be filled with boredom and I would turn them off and never look back.

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