The last way you died in a videogame is how you are going to die IRL

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Smashed into the ground by a brute in ME3 multiplayer. At least it's an instant kill.

SO glad I wasn't playing dead space.

So I'm going to die from being crushed by a giant piston whilst trying to reach the sisters of Fate?

I've been playing Strategy games recently, there's no way my player character could die, with the exception of the Daimyo.

Last time I actually died, was being pounded to jelly by an ogre in Dragon Age Origins. There are worse ways to go.

So I'm going to die in an epic space battle, out-numbered and out-gunned by the Borg roughly thirty to one, Phasers, Photon Torpedoes, Disruptors and Phaser Cannons blazing in a glorious cacophony of sound, light, and explosions?

I think I can live with that.

Star Trek Online: Trill Tactical Officer, Ushaan Class Federation Escort, Borg Invasion. Epic.

Stupidily not watching my health and getting sliced by Pyramid Head's blade.....Actually a pretty scary death :O

Crushed by an Iron Golem......controlled by a Hurlock........which as part of the darkspawn......which are killing things because its a Dragon Age:Origins........

Aw Dammit.

Well, at least it wont be painful....hopefully....

Lego pirates, killed by Blackbeard in a sword fight, would be awesome to see that in real life...

He better show up in minifig form or it's not an accurate translation.

Drowned in Yahtzee's ragefest-I mean game, Poacher. Blech, a horrifying thought.

I'm...going to be killed by an ogre?
While defending a castle from an onslaught of enemies?
With a friend?


Captcha: Pearly gates.

Yes indeed, Captcha, yes indeed.

Impaled by a Banshee in ME3's multiplayer after being manhandled by a husk that my teammate ignored.

Sounds lovely.

A glitch. Apparantly I committed suicide in the ME3 multiplayer. It's impossible to commit suicide in the ME3 multiplayer. And yet it said I had. I was confused. I have no idea how I will die.

I die due to my body not moving the way I wanted it to due to connection issues at the hands of two Fiend Genshins after having slayed not over 60 of his minions and 4 of his older counterparts.

Not a bad death.

Apparently, I will plummet to my death while missing a ledge in an ancient Egyptian tomb. The broken shins look particularly painful.

I will...die of old age.

It's questions like these that remind me, playing The Sims 3 is not always my best plan.

Also, give me a captcha of "cup cake" and I will mistype it as "cup bake" far too often.

Somewhere on Wake Island's battlefield.

Falling down an infinite hole of eternal doom, never feeling the touch of your loved ones ever again, constantly falling towards uncertain death, your own mind playing with your senses, illusions of past events and people once known flashing at the corner of your eyes, feeding the depression that grows inside as you still fall...

So yeah, I played Super Mario Bros. 3... Fell down a hole... May just have ruined my childhood with writing that jizz I just came up with...

Zapped to death by laser-tailed robot scorpions. Seriously, those fuckers are tough. I got sick of wasting all my stimpacks trying to kill them and just set the difficulty to normal so it wasn't such a huge pain anymore.

ive been playing the binding of issac XD

So i'll die when i engage my mother in devine combat and she steps on me 0_0

Falling into a puddle then my legs and arms spaz out. Screw you notch.

I was playing Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. Some bastard online using Deidara whooped me. I don't want to be killed by clay :(

I'm going to get shot in the face with a shotgun while dressed as Batman.
At least I'll go down being Batman.

I'll run out into a mist full of wraiths by accident and get carved up. thanks, Witcher 2.

i just finished defeating two giant radscorpians, i was basically dead... then some talon company mercs showed up and shot me. the next weeks is going to be very interesting

I never thought id see the day I, a poacher, would be killed by a furry lil' git.

Food poisoning


King of Asgaard:

Getting cleaved by a phantom black skeleton wielding twin katanas, followed by falling off a cliff. Painful until I hit the ground. Does sound cool though...

Oh, I remember those bastards. Are you grinding for souls or did you just get unlucky with the spawn?

I'd been grinding so long, I wasn't really paying much attention anymore. A poorly placed Soulsucker was my undoing.

The last game I played was Magicka.

My friend blew me up with a beam composed of arcane magic and lightning. :x

I'm not sure if I'd feel anything before I explode.. I sure hope not.

I fell off of a building in a drunken haze in Katawa Shoujo. That's gonna hurt.

Hmm, my world will be invaded by another player, coming to attack and kill me. I hit my attacker a few times with the heaviest weapon I have available, but do not even seem to make a scratch. He then proceeds to insta-kill me with one frontal hit on the head.

Much as I love Dark Souls, as a mostly-pve type of player, walking around in human form sucks. If this happens IRL, at least it will be over quick ;)

Let's see; Battlefield 3 and I was just mowed down by LMG fire so yeah, ouch!

Shot in the face by a luddite. Always knew it'd go down like that...

HoI 3: I was spitroasted by Germany and the Soviet Union. :<


I think the last time I died was in Arcanum where me and my (at the time) weak party got torn apart by a large pack of wolves, which I think is the way everyone would go if they had the choice.

I last got killed by the guardian of floor 110 in Tartarus, Natural Dancers, in Persona 3.
I think the last attack was Magarudyne, heavy wind damage to the entire party.

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