Videogame characters that you disliked initially, but warmed up to later

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For me its definitely Dante from the original and superior Devil May Cry.
DMC1: This guy is a bit too angst, sure he lost his brother and mother, still stylish but cheer up man!
DMC2: You boring unlikeable sap...
DMC3: Woah you are a hoot to be around with, where did this neat dialogue come from, have you been holding back on me for three games? That youth coming out of you Dante, I like it! Hot damn bro you are one stylish and funny dude!
DMC4: Look whose back! Thank God Nero's campaign is over! Let the REAL DMC4 begin!

Dante is so infamous for this rise in good character, sure he's cheesy but what'd you expect? Who knew the son of an all powerful demon would end up being such a likable and iconic goofball.
It is a shame cause...
DmC (reboot): You boring unlikeable sap...

Zeke Dunbar from the inFamous games.

He started out as the comic relief sidekick. A freakin' idiot whose dialogue lines made me want to punch him in the face everytime he opened his mouth, and he pulled so many dumb stunts i wished one of them had killed him at some point.

I suppose there was some cooldown between games as well, but he really did seem like his own character instead of a two dimensional comic relief in the second game. I believe Yahtzee mentioned it as well that inFamous 2 could actually make you feel bad for disappointing the supporting cast and i can get behind that.

Zeke Dunbar definitely earned some respect when he became more human.

I loathed Ezio when I first played ACII, which was also my first AC. That was the point in his character arc, though - that he goes from being a snarky, womanizing idiot teenager to a deep and sentimental adult. But I really hated him when I first began, and it almost made me stop playing altogether.

I also wasn't a fan of Chloe in Uncharted 2, having not played the first. She seemed like a typical femme fatale character, and her playing both sides initially made me not a fan. I adore her now, though.

I can't think of anything else, but there may be more.

Bayonetta, didn't think much of her at the start but as it went on she really grew on me. It was probably because I didn't have the faintest idea what was going on when I started the game, but as I kept going I started getting a rough idea/didn't really care because I was too busy popping headshots while breakdancing.


Rufus from the videogame series "Deponia".

When I first started playing this game, I immidiadly hated this character. He had worst aspecta human being could had:
He is a egomaniac, eccentric, lazy, dirty, stupid, rude, jerk, assh*le and he only care for himself. And you learn all this in about.....10 minutes inside the game!!!
I asked myself "how the f*ck I can play a game which I controlling a character I want just die horrible?!?!?"

My question had been answer. The answer was Goal.


Goal is the love interest of our hero. Like in many comedy adventures I played, there is always this kind of couple. However here Rufus only want her cause she has a fine piece of ass [I don't blame him] and she is important for something Rufus want.
ecome a reason
I don't want to get to details, because I will spoil the plot, but I can say Rufus become one of the reasons why I played all the Deponia games [waiting for the third last part]. He is a unique character because we see him 'evolve" through his whole adventure.

EDIT: Why the f*ck the image in my spoiler doesn't work?

Lautrec from Dark Souls, admittedly it wasn't "initially" so much as when he does that one thing. But as time and the game went on it occurred to me. Considering the world he lived in, he was positively charming.

Alright, he was no Solaire, but he was honest, didn't try to kill you in your sleep, offered advice for a price, and his one "bad" act is the sort of thing most players may do anyway. He was as good a product as someone of that world could be, with some freak exceptions.

Alright, I didn't start praising his name, but warm up to? Certainly.

Hell Yeah for Kreia- not that I hated her all that much initially, but at the end, when you piece together all the little snippets of info you've been handed throughout the game without realising it, she went from a character I was ambivalent towards to one of my all time favourite characters in fiction, period. And quite possibly the only character I've ever personally seen in fiction to be truly above Black/White mentality- not grey mentality, but truly above it, in the way people generally are in real life.

OT: Handsome Jack. Hated him, then warmed up to him immensely, then went back to hating him again near the end game, but loving to do so. Gearbox knocked it out of the park when they set out to make a villain who would do just that.

James Vega in ME3. His appearance instantly makes you hate him, and secondguessing all your decisions in the first 30 minutes doesn't help. But if you get to talk to him, he's got a decent personality, his banter with Cortez is pretty good, and him getting Ashley drunk is the best thing ever.


Fellow Kotor 2 fans, can I get a "Hell yeah"?

hell yeah, she gets some really bad ass sense in the game.

OT: Raiden from metal gear solid 2. i every body had hatted him even years after the game relesed, even all my freinds. so when i got into the game i was expecting to dislike him, and i did to begin with, he was anoying but as the game wnet on i stared to like him, had a different take on the events than snake did and he had a interesting, if a little nonsensical, back story.

Karol Capel from Tales of Vesperia. I hate kid party members and his character design didnt help, but he was actually pretty convincing and proved himself later in the game

Also, Piers from Resident Evil 6 who I thought was going to be a generic soldier when I'd much rather have Sheva, Jill, Claire, etc. But yet again by the end, most notably the final boss he really won me over.

Jaheira from Baldur's Gate 1&2, aka the haughtiest shrew you ever encountered...except after playing for a while, it became apparent that she had something resembling a soul. And the start of BG2...oh man.

Emil Castagnier from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.
For what seems like the first twenty hours of the game he was ineffectual, boring, and a pansy. Basically everything that made Lloyd Irving a great character in the first game he lacked, and it showed through often.
However, somewhere along the line he became a pretty cool dude.
Not to mention a hell of an actor.

Rita from Tales of Vesperia. I really enjoy her now because I see how she fits in, and I see her positive attributes aside from her genius.

Like a lot of people, I was on board the James Vega hate train well before the lead up to Mass Effect 3, but then I actually played it and saw that he was just a dim but loveable nice guy with lots of funny banter and some hidden depths. Plus his voice actor was clearly enjoying himself so much you couldn't dislike him. In many ways it reminded me of David Tennant's Doctor.

Also, Roman from GTAIV. He has this reputation for being annoying and a bit of a millstone, but he had a good character arc and some great chemistry with Niko. I thank god I got the ending where he didn't die, because that would have broken my ickle heart if he did. Plus, no more free cab rides would suck.

Speaking of which, can we talk about characters we really hate? Because I can't be the only one who used that cab service just so I could introduce that fucking bitchy cab driver to my good friend, Mr Rocket Propelled Grenade.

For me it was Morrigan from Dragon Age, Miranda and Jack from ME2 and Zeke Dunbar from inFAMOUS.

They all started out with poor attitudes and then grew into such great characters it's hard to dislike them now (well, for me it is)

Tuesday Night Fever:
Ben in The Walking Dead.

this, right here... hated Ben so damned much, considered leaving his ass until Clementine spoke up for him in the school

Adam Jenson. The voice really did not agree with me at first, like a cross between Neo and Nolan's Batman. But playing through the game, getting a feel for the character and experiencing a wider range of emotions, and thus different voice work than gitty moping, really made me take a shine to him.

The Let's Play of the game which has them talking to the VA himself certainly helped too.

Ben. Didn't like him at first, then I hated him, then I pitied him, then I liked him.

Also Robo from Chrono Trigger. I can't remember why I hated him at first, but I quickly turned around on him.

Liara from the Mass Effect series. In the first game I really disliked her as just this vapid wimpy thing who's entire purpose in the game seemed to be the wide eyed blue alien chick Shepard gets to do it with (Should you choose.). I don't like simpering characters, I didn't like Aerie in Baldur's Gate either to give another example and I certainly didn't like Liara.

Still I kept hearing good things about the Shadow Broker DLC for Mass Effect 2, finally ended up getting it and after playing that DLC I was finally sold on Liara as a character. She still wasn't my favourite, indeed she still isn't, but between Shadow Broker and parts of ME3 I started to enjoy her as a character.

Warning: Could be mild Witcher 2 spoilers.

King Henselt, in The Witcher 2. At first, I just thought he was a boring asshole, but as I played through Roche's path and came to know and understand him, I realised how strong a king he was and how he is really the Norths' only chance at standing against Nilfgaard. He is a tough, hard, ruthless warrior king, and that is exactly the kind of person who wins wars. I also really enjoyed how the actor played him. As such, besides Geralt, he is probably my favourite character in The Witcher games. I hope we see more of him in the third game, or at least hear about his exploits in the ensuing war.

Ashley from RE4. I should mentioned that after warming up her mid way through the game, by the end cutscene I wanted to throw her in the ocean. Can't remember why.

Johnny Novgorod:
Pete Campbell from Mad Men comes to mind.

Yep. Agreed. Also, just about the entire cast of Binary Domain. I fucking hated all of them at first, but they grew on me pretty quickly. I'm sure there are plenty of others, but I cannot think of them now.


Johnny Novgorod:
Pete Campbell from Mad Men comes to mind.

Yep. Agreed. Also, just about the entire cast of Binary Domain. I fucking hated all of them at first, but they grew on me pretty quickly. I'm sure there are plenty of others, but I cannot think of them now.

Seconded, they did a damn good job on giving those stereotypes some deep and personality, that`s what i really liked in Binary Domain. Even the Cole Train rip off called Boateng turned out to be better than the original (ok, i`m talking about GOW here and it`s not really special to beat those boring grunts). The characters and the story are the reason i would call Binary Domain one of the most underrated games in 2012 (+ fun bossfights).

It's already been said but DmC Dante he was an annoying pompous ass in the first few missions but eventually he grew on me mainly through his interactions with Kat which I honestly thought was well developed.
Luke from Tales of the Abyss I consider his story arc to be one of the best examples of character development done right especially in a JRPG.


Fellow Kotor 2 fans, can I get a "Hell yeah"?

Naw, still hate that woman with all my heart...

Anyway, Mass Effect 2 had a couple of these. Miranda Lawson, for example; half an hour into the game I was ready to kick her out the airlock if she said "Illusive Man" one more time. It took the first few conversations and a loyalty mission to warm up to her.

Second, Thane Krios. In fact, it wasn't before the sequel that I came to respect him, since at that point his incessant whining faded in favour of badassery and one of the most touching scenes in the game.

Then there was Grunt. I didn't really dislike him, but Wrex he was not. I listened to his conversation and did his loyalty mission, but I never really came to care about the character until ME3.

Leliana in Dragon Age : Origins

I found her to be incredibly annoying throughout most of the game. I then decided to play her DLC Mission Leliana's Song. I liked her character a lot more throughout the whole thing, and once it's finally over I could kinda see why she acts the way that she does throughout the main game. Made me appreciate her character a lot more.

Also Lilly in The Walking Dead

I was one of those guys initially disliking the new Dante in DmC, but i ended up absolutely loving the game.

On a side note, has anyone else seen the concept art for that game? Jesus, what were they planning initially? If it wasn't for the damn fan base they could have gotten something truly special. Don't get me wrong DmC is amazing, but that shit would have brought out the inner punk in me.

That's what I was thinking as well, all that concept art looked incredible.

If there wasn't so much God damn whining, the game would have probably looked much more different and pure in it's "punk" aesthetics. (and much better if you ask me)

Funnily enough, even though I really liked the final product, a part of me kinda wanted to the see the more darker imagery from the first 2010 trailer.

Vivec in Morrowind! I did my research on this motherfucker and came to the conclusion that he had not only (SPECULATIVE SPOILER?) murdered Nerevar, but then tricked the populous into thinking he was a benevolent God just to establish a cult. Even when I met him, I didn't like him (so I decided to see if I could kill him - ATRONACH SIGN, BABY!). After he suggested sacrificing his immortality for the greater good though, I warmed up to him a bit. I read some more in-game literature on his history and found that sometimes he's willing to screw people over to further his own goals, but in general he actually helped people a lot.

Though there's still a possibility that I'll lock his soul in Azura's Star and claim his badass city as my own :P

Absolutely. He's the only one of the Tribunal I view as sympathetic, mainly because he did eventually seem to realize that maybe the whole "let's become living gods!" idea wasn't so great. Almalexia always struck me as megalomaniacal and Sotha Sil as amoral and uncaring.

Moving on, as already mentioned Bioware is pretty damn good at this. I'll second pretty much every Dragon Age and Mass Effect character mentioned so far.

Now that I've played Halo 4, I'm going to throw in the Master Chief, who bored me through three whole games until he started showing signs of being a human being, and one who may actually be kind of interesting. Hopefully 343 will do more with that, because there's no way I'm reading those Halo books to learn more about him. I tried to once and they were awful. I'd still rather play the Arbiter again, though, who I suppose had the same evolution but over a period of about an hour.

Serana from Skyrim. At first I couldn't stand her or her attitude. That changed when I told her I needed to trade some things with her. She said, "This better not be the things you can't be bothered with." I became quite fond of her after that.
Shale and Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins. When I first met them, they annoyed the hell out of me, especially Shale referring to everyone as "it." But they eventually grew on me, and I hope they return for DA3.

Serana from Skyrim. At first I couldn't stand her or her attitude. That changed when I told her I needed to trade some things with her. She said, "This better not be the things you can't be bothered with." I became quite fond of her after that.

I was shocked and confused by Serana, because her dialogue is of unusually high quality for Bethesda. She's one of the few characters in Skyrim I actually liked.

Falsetto in Eternal Sonata was originally pretty snobbish towards the other people of the rebel group, but very slowly you get to see her true character and her true feelings towards people. It also translated really well into the game as well. In the beginning, her moves were pretty weak and her specials were nothing, but eventually her fast combo building and respectable damage made her one of the most fun characters to play with.

Edna Strickland from the Back to the Future game. Her transition from slightly annoying side character to the main villian made her a person I loved to hate and therefore she worked as a villian. She was a better villian than the original Kid Tannen, who was as cliched a twenties gangster as you could get.


Fellow Kotor 2 fans, can I get a "Hell yeah"?

I've always liked Kreia for calling into question the typical black-and-white morality most Star Wars stories tend to subscribe to, actually...


None that I can think of, unfortunately.

I never thought much of Serph, until Digital Devil Saga 2, right after the battle with Vritra. Ironically, it was right about the time I was given a reason to despise him. Serph finally became a fully realized character, and suddenly I cared. And then I could empathize with what he is through that the two games had been building up all along through my actions. I could see myself in him, in ways I did not like, at just the same time Serph was realizing it too.

I cannot think of a story successfully redeeming itself further or faster than moment. A very satisfying reward for defeating the toughest non-optional boss in the series.

Tali from Mass Effect...
Took me 4 playthoughs until I stopped hating her for being a total Nazi.
I still think that shes a Nazi, but a Nazi with redeeming value (dat ass).

Also, Vega. He is annoying, but he is after all just trying to impress his greatest idol.

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