Dynasty Warriors 8

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Someone else actually played WG2?! I'm not so alone anymore!

Warship Gunner actually improved over Naval Ops, though; the graphics and combat flowed much much smoother, the building was less cantankerous as well. Granted, WG2 pretty much made gun heavy battleships the easiest thing in the world to win with, which saddened me...

I thought WG2 was LOADS better then the other 'Navel Ops' series.

I'm finding more and more people that have played this, which is excellent!

The mission play is similar, You in your single ship vs. an entire naval fleet or more, as opposed to the Warriors games being You vs an entire army or more, and tactics at times coming down to who can spam attacks better. That said, I F***ing love Warship Gunner 2! I've played Naval Ops:WG and it was decent, but you could see which one was clearly better (WG2), I can't speak on Naval Ops:Commander though.

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