10,000-Piece LEGO Build Gets Inside the Millennium Falcon


The LEGO wizards at Titans Creations have crafted a huge build recreating the interior of Millennium Falcon.

The Millennium Falcon is easily one of the most famous fictional spacecraft ever created. As such, it’s inspired some pretty spectacular tributes both ginormous and small. Some of the most common, understandably, come from the wide world of LEGO building. Even just a cursory search of the internet will turn up a seemingly endless parade of Falcons built by fans dedicated to the recreation of the classic craft. Recently however, one building group decided to take a different route on their quest for the perfect LEGO starship. Put shortly, they looked inside.

The group in question is called Titans Creations. Based in Singapore, it recently used its collective talent to create a micro-figure scaled version of the Millennium Falcon’s interior. Their final build contained more than 10,000 pieces and 24 LED lights. It also measures 110cm long and 85cm wide. For reference, the official LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Falcon (a.k.a. the super expensive one) is only about 5,200 pieces and measures about 40 percent smaller.

While the sheer size of this model is impressive, the real achievement is arguably its level of detail. While the official LEGO model kits are nice, they often (and understandably) to shrink down and simplify the innards of the ships they’re based on. Titan Creation’s version used a variety of online resources to make their build as close to the real thing as possible. We think the end results are pretty danged good. What do you guys think?
Source: Titans Creations

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