11-Year Old Stabbed to Death Over Dota Hack Dispute in the Philippines

Dota killing

The 16-year old suspect allegedly stabbed his “friend” over 40 times due to a Dota account hacking incident in Bulacan, Philippines.

In rather depressing news, an 11-year old boy was stabbed to death by his 16-year old “friend” in Malolos, Bulacan in the Philippines, due to an alleged hacking dispute over the suspect’s Dota account. According to the report, the victim was last seen with the suspect last Sunday (February 23); and while the unnamed 16-year old boy initially denied seeing the victim, his blood-stained shorts were found near the crime scene, along with the blood trail leading to his house. Additionally, they found deep injure marks in the suspect’s hands, which could have resulted from using the knife he used for the stabbing.

The murder itself happened in a construction site near the victim’s house, where he was found with 40 stab wounds. It was also shown that one part of the wall was heavily smeared with blood, which indicate the suspect could have slammed the 11-year old’s head repeatedly before stabbing him to death. To date, a murder case has been filed, but seeing as the suspect is still a minor, he will be put under the custody of the Philippines’ Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

For reference, the report is referring to the original MOBA game based on the Warcraft III mod Dota and not Dota 2. Dota is widely played in gaming cafes across Asia and matches usually involve money. Regardless of what game you’re playing, how old you are or where you’re based, murdering someone over a video game might be one of the most depressing things to hear and read about.

Source: ABS-CBN

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