1300 Xboxes Stolen in Mississauga


Thieves in Mississauga have stolen a truck containing more than 1300 Xbox consoles, leading police to issue a warning to the public that this is a really great time to be on the lookout for a cheap 360.

Police say four or five thieves attacked a security guard at a trailer yard near Britannia Road East and Dixie, subduing and restraining him before dragging him under a parked trailer. They then made off with over 1300 Xbox 360 consoles in a black Trans-Send Freight Systems trailer, described as a 16-meter 2007 Air-Ride bearing the Ontario license plate C11-47X. The security guard received only minor injuries and is expected to fully recover.

The report didn’t reveal which models of 360 were stolen so determining the actual value of the crime is tricky. Future Shop sells the Xbox 360 Arcade for $199.99 (Canadian, of course) while the 120GB Elite goes for double that amount; if the truck was packed with Elite systems the haul would be worth roughly $520,000, but as stolen property they’d sell for maybe half their retail value. 50 grand apiece, minus expenses, doesn’t sound like a bad haul for one night of Toronto shenanigans. Not sure if it’s worth going to jail for, though.

Peel Regional Police have issued a notice urging people to exercise caution if they’re given the opportunity to buy a new Xbox 360 under “suspicious circumstances.” Because, you know, it probably won’t have any warranty. Anyone with information about the theft is urged to contact Peel Crime Stoppers at 1-888-222-TIPS.

Source: The Star

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