14-Foot StarCraft 2 LEGO Build Will Zerg Rush Your Eyes


An international group of LEGO builders has constructed a massive LEGO diorama illustrating a three-way battle between the factions of StarCraft 2.

As we’ve demonstrated on numerous occasions, there’s no lack in this world for people willing to spend their time transforming their favorite things into stunning pieces of LEGO brick art. You can pretty much assume that if an intellectual property has even a moderate fan base that someone out there is or has already toiled away at recreating an iconic piece of its world with tiny plastic bricks. That being the case, you’d think, at this point, that we’d have lost our ability to be shocked and awed by a custom piece of LEGO work. And yet, here we sit; shocked, awed and then some. What can we say? 14-feet of Starcraft 2 LEGO art just does that to us.

The epic build in question was constructed by an international group of LEGO builders who worked together to produce what has to be one of the most gigantic and impressive LEGO brick creations we’ve ever seen. Depicting a three way battle between the Protoss, Terrans and Zerg, it’s filled to the brim with impressively detailed LEGO brick buildings and hundreds of mini-scale versions of the game’s diverse units. Honestly, looking at pictures is almost headache-inducing; there’s so much going on in every inch of the map.

Sadly, while we know that it took three years of collective building to complete, we don’t have much information as to how many individual pieces were used in the build’s construction or how many man hours it took to build everything and put it all together. We’re reaching out to the creators to find out more. In the mean time, however, we feel safe in saying that this is probably the most amazing LEGO project we’ve seen in a good long time.
Source: Flickr

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