2010 March Mayhem: Developer’s Showdown Brackets Are Live

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64 Developers are ready to compete in March Mayhem 2010. Fill out your bracket by March 17th and brace yourself for an all-out brawl as your votes decide the winner!

Welcome to another year of March Mayhem: Developer’s Showdown exclusively at The Escapist. Once again, 64 developers will go head-to-head for votes, hoping to take home the March Mayhem title! To make this year’s Mayhem more interactive, we’ve developed special brackets that let you choose which developers will make it all the way to the final match. Once the Mayhem begins, get ready to cast your votes in the forums to make sure the developers you’ve chosen win the title!

Fill Out Your Bracket

CLICK HERE to fill out your bracket for March Mayhem 2010. You will need an Escapist account in order to fill out your bracket. If you do not have an Escapist account, please click here to register.

To fill out your bracket, simply choose which developer you think will win each round, all the way to the final title winner. Your bracket will automatically save with each choice, but you are welcome to change your bracket at any time before the 1st round begins on March 17th.

Please note, filling out a bracket does not automatically cast your vote for the developer you have chosen. In order to cast your vote, please visit the March Mayhem 2010 forums and choose the developer you want to win that round. You do not need to fill out a bracket in order to cast your vote. You can also choose to vote for a different developer than the one you chose to win in your bracket. Once you’ve filled it out, head to the bottom left hand corner of the screen and feel free to Facebook and Tweet your picks to everyone you know!

Once the voting begins, keep checking your bracket to see which developer wins each round. If you chose the winner, you will earn points towards your overall score! The amount of points awarded will increase as the tournament progresses and we move on to later rounds:

  • Round 1 – 1 point per correct pick
  • Round 2 – 2 points per correct pick
  • Round 3 – 3 points per correct pick
  • Round 4 – 4 points per correct pick
  • Round 5 – 5 points per correct pick
  • Round 6 – 10 points for choosing the final winner

After you’ve filled out your bracket, head over to the 2010 March Mayhem: Developer’s Showdown forums and chat about your favorites. On March 17th, you can start casting your votes. Below is a schedule for each round, with all rounds starting at approximately noon EST. Make sure to cast your vote for each round!

  • Round 1 – March 17th – 19th at 12:00PM EST
  • Round 2 – March 22nd – 24th at 12:00PM EST
  • Round 3 – March 25th – 27th at 12:00PM EST
  • Round 4 – March 29th – 31st at 12:00PM EST
  • Round 5 – April 1st – 4th at 12:00PM EST
  • Round 6 – April 5th – 8th at 12:00PM EST

March Mayhem: Developer’s Showdown is an exclusive Escapist event, and it’s only as fun as you make it! Feel free to debate about which developer you think should win, but keep it civil. We encourage people to grab friends from other forums, groups and other social media outlets to come by and support their favorite developers.

Have fun making your bracket picks and see you in the Mayhem.

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