343 Industries

It’s been a rough week in the video game industry. Microsoft’s gaming divisions, including Bethesda and 343 Industries, were hit with massive layoffs. In addition to all the workers who had their lives upended, the future of the Halo series was called into question, especially since Halo Infinite has not had a major update in a while. However, 343 Industries’ studio head Pierre Hintze has put these fears to rest with a Twitter post.

Here is Hintze’s short message to the fans:

Regardless of whether you like 343 Industries and its take on the Halo franchise, Hintze assures gamers the world over that his company will continue to develop the series “now and in the future.” Halo fanatics can rest easy knowing the saga will live on, regardless of how many people lost their jobs.

Hintze’s words may do little for players who learned Infinite‘s creative director, Joseph Staten, has exited 343 Industries to return to Xbox’s publishing division. Staten was instrumental in getting Infinite finished and out the door, so losing him must sting. Hopefully, better times are ahead not just for Microsoft employees, but for video game media, as well. Giant Bomb and Gamespot lost a lot of talent this week, too. Unfortunately, the volatility in the video game industry shows little sign of slowing. Hopefully it eases soon though, for the sake of all sector employees.

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