38 Studios has added yet another big name to the team of people working on its mysterious MMO codenamed “Copernicus,” Rise of Nations creator Big Huge Games.

The studio, founded by former Major League Baseball pitching great Curt Schilling, has spent the last several months acquiring notable talent to work on the game including fantasy author R.A. Salvatore and comic book artist and action figure magnate Todd McFarlane.

The addition of both Salvatore and McFarlane to the team make sense in a way. Salvatore is one of the world’s biggest names in writing Dungeons & Dragons-esque tales of high fantasy, and McFarlane has a well-known knack for designing the most horrific, imaginative characters in any medium.

This latest news though, raises more questions than answers. Big Huge Games is known almost entirely for its propensity at designing quality real-time strategy games.

Though it has been widely assumed that “Copernicus” was an MMORPG — especially given Schilling’s well known affection for Everquest — perhaps Big Huge Games has been brought on board to infuse the title with strategic elements.

Or maybe this is all a ruse to confuse gamers.

We really won’t know anything until 38 Studios decides to drop the veil of secrecy.

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