5 For $5 Indie Bundle Better Than Buying Socks


Why buy a pack of tube socks when you could get 5 great indie games instead?

Cookies go a long way at The Escapist. Jorge Rodriguez, president of Lunar Workshop, once dropped off a package of cookies at Escapist HQ in exchange for an article on his indie title Digitanks. It worked. Now, Rodriguez has put together a super-cheap indie bundle that includes Digitanks, and we may or may not be mentioning it here because of the memory of those delicious cookies.

Cookies or no cookies, a good deal is a good deal. The bundle packages together 5 indie games for $5. It includes Digitanks, an artillery-based strategy game where players build an army of tanks, Spring Up Harmony, a colorful physics-based action-puzzler, Mactabilis, an HD shooter that features RPG customization of your ship, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, a top-down shooter that takes place in an alternate universe, and Delve Deeper, a fantasy adventure/strategy game that looks something like a side-scrolling Dungeon Keeper.

The bundle features no DRM and all proceeds go directly to the developers. They’re only asking for a buck each, which is pretty damn nice. Or, you could go spend your $5 on new socks. Up to you.

The bundle can be purchased here until the end of July 3, 2011.

Source: Buy Games Not Socks

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