A retail listing from 7-Eleven’s Japanese branch makes mention of a new Metal Gear for the PS3 or PSP. Could this be the new mysterious new game from Kojima Productions?

7-Eleven. Home to cheap taquitos, pro wrestling-themed Slurpee cups, and, after midnight, every homeless person within a two-block radius. And, possibly, home to info leaks about intensely shrouded mystery games from superstar game developers.

For about a week now, Kojima Productions has been leading gamers on a wild goose chase to figure out what exactly their new game is. Snatcher 2! Zone of the Enders 3! A duck-riding simulator! Something with Charles Barkley! Well, the answer might be finally here, and it comes courtesy of none other the Japanese branch of everyone’s favorite convenience store: 7-Eleven. Oh thank Heaven.

A listing over at 7-Eleven Japan’s e-Commerce database spotted by IGN makes mention of the new issue of Japanese game magazine publisher Famitsu’s PlayStation magazine, stating that it will divulge info on a new Metal Gear game. The magazine covers all Sony platforms, so it could mean a game for PS3 or PSP (Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops 2?).

The magazine comes out on May 30, so it’ll be a while until we find out exactly. The Kojima Productions teaser site countdown, meanwhile, is due to end in about five and a half hours as of my writing this, but who’s falling for that one again? It’s just going to be another countdown. Or is it?

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