North America has less than a month to prepare for Nintendo’s large-and-in-charge second version of the DSi.

The massive surge of information Nintendo released today includes such goodies as a new trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and a release date for Metroid: Other M, as well as the pricing and release information for the Nintendo DSi XL in North America. This freakishly large version of the DSi will hit retailers on March 28, for the low, low price of $189.99.

Which is not really a low price at all, and while somewhat affordable, feels right on the edge of what Nintendo could have reasonably charged for the product. The DSi XL is a mutant of a system, with screens 93% larger than the DS Lite that also have a wider viewing angle, supposedly so the entire family can gather around to watch you level up your Jirachi. To go along with the gargantuan screens is the DSi XL’s much bigger stylus which is basically like a fountain pen.

A few applications come pre-loaded on the DSi XL, including Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Brain Age Express: Math, Photo Clock, and Flipnote Studio. As with the DSi, the DSi XL will have a built-in web browser.

The system will launch in two colors: [Ron] Burgundy and Bronze. The DSi XL launched in Japan under the name DSi LL in three colors: Wine Red, Natural White, and Dark Brown. While Wine Red could easily be called Burgundy, Bronze sounds like a new color altogether. Maybe it’ll be shiny?

Metroid: Other M Dated for Late June

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