Fable Legends features five-player multiplayer, with four players playing as the heroes, and one as the mastermind villain.

“Every fable needs a hero,” explains the announcement trailer for Fable Legends, “and every legend needs a villain.” Microsoft has announced a new installment in the Fable series at this year’s Gamescom in Germany, as a co-op (and not-so-co-op) action-rpg: Fable Legends. The game casts you as one of four different heroes, with three friends filling the shoes of the rest. Its twist comes with the addition of a fifth player, who plays the dungeon master style “villain,” viewing the map from a top-down perspective and placing enemies, traps, ambushes and more for the heroes to overcome.

Although it isn’t Fable 4, Fable Legends is a fully-fledged entry in the Fable series that is set during Albion’s age of heroes – 400 years before the events of the first game. The four playable heroes revealed fit your standard RPG archetypes – a swift and stealthy rogue, a ranged archer who uses a crossbow, an ice sorceress, and a sword and shield wielding female knight.

Fable Legends will be an Xbox One exclusive title, that “takes advantage of the graphical processing power of Xbox One,” and runs on the Unreal 4 engine. It makes extensive use the Xbox One’s cloud capabilities and as such will only be playable online.

The trailer, which you can check out above, is all CG, and doesn’t actually show us any gameplay, but it still looks like it’s going to be a pretty neat game. Is this the Xbox One exclusive you guys have been waiting for?

Source: Xbox Youtube Channel

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