Anyone seen Vince?

There’s no way to tell whether this is Season Two, or something to do with the “more Walking Dead before Season Two” that story consultant Gary Whitta mentioned a short while back, but Telltale Games is dropping hints via Vine as to its latest Walking Dead content. Who is this Vince fellow? Is he a hopeless alcoholic, or is that fruit juice in his cup? It’s Day 2 – presumably Day 2 of the zombie apocalypse – and things aren’t looking too good for Vince. At least, not if people are putting up notices about him.

The Walking Dead is Telltale’s $40 million breakout hit of 2012, an episodic point-and-click based on the series by Robert Kirkman, starring Dave Fennoy as hero Lee Everett and Melissa Hutchison as series focus Clementine. Even jaded critics got sucked in by its storytelling, and it went from a relatively modest digital distribution model to a full-on physical release complete with collector’s edition. Currently it’s starring in the Humble Weekly Sale, so if you haven’t already given it a go, now might be a good time.

Those who played The Walking Dead will remember that Telltale advised keeping your game saves, against the day when it’d bring dead and the walking thereof back to their PC, console or mobile device. Yet if this new installment is genuinely starting on Day 2, working that into the save data might be a little tricky to arrange, which argues for the more content option hinted at by Whitta. Or perhaps not; with a reveal as short as this, it’s difficult to say anything for certain. Except that there’s a Vince in there somewhere, of course.

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