The Last of Us is due to receive a big update soon, including a new multiplayer game type.

The Last of Us earned its renown with a well-told single-player story, but it also delivered a surprisingly in-depth multiplayer experience. Today, Naughty Dog has announced that the multiplayer component of The Last of Us will be exploring new ground in patch 1.03, deploying now. The update brings a few balance changes and, more interestingly, a new multiplayer mode featuring two stages of strategy and skullduggery.

“Interrogation” mode pits two teams of four players against one another. Each team’s objective is to steal the enemy team’s valuable supplies from their lockbox, but said lockbox will be hidden at the start of the match. In order to learn the location of the lockbox, your team will have to interrogate five enemy players by way of a new, extra-long execution move. When five interrogations are completed without being interrupted, your team can begin attacking the objective – but the defending team will continue to interrogate you and your allies to find your supplies.

Single-player is almost certainly what The Last of Us will be remembered for, but Naughty Dog is trying hard to keep the game fresh for those who stick around after Joel and Ellie’s story ends. Uncharted 3 was similarly acclaimed for its single-player, but was supported with new multiplayer content long after its release. If Naughty Dog is aiming for the same strategy here, then this probably won’t be the last you’ll see from The Last of Us.

Source: Naughty Dog

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