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Microsoft is Reportedly in Talks with Kojima Productions to Publish its Next Game

This article is over 3 years old and may contain outdated information

According to a new report from Venturebeat, Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions are currently in talks with Microsoft to publish a future title. Venturebeat’s Jeff Grubb says that this deal with Kojima is reportedly being used to get in touch with more Japanese developers.

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This news came to light as a result of Sony’s recent announcement of Abandoned, a new title exclusive to PlayStation 5 being developed by Blue Box Games Studio. People were speculating that Abandoned was secretly a Kojima project because information about Blue Box Games isn’t easily findable.

The studio’s website has a vague “we’ll be right back” message, and another page  about a first person horror game reminiscent of Fatal Frame called “The Haunting” isn’t functional either.

Apparently, because Metal Gear Solid V and the Silent Hills P.T. demo were announced with Kojima disguising them as something entirely different, people thought that this would be the same case with Abandoned. Additionally, the game’s director, Hasan Kahraman, has the same initials as Hideo Kojima, further fueling the speculation.

However, the situation turns out to be that Blue Box Games just hasn’t had its first release on a major console yet.

Grubb concludes, “I cannot confirm if Xbox closed the deal yet, but my understanding is that Kojima is the focus of a Microsoft plan to leverage Japanese talent.”

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