A 60 GB Xbox 360?

A British gaming publication claims it has been informed by a reliable source that a 60 GB Xbox 360 is on the way.

Trustedreviews.com advised its readers recently, “Microsoft WILL be replacing the 20 GB hard drive on the standard Xbox 360 with a larger 60 GB version. … If you’ve been saving up for a 20 GB Xbox 360, hold off. The 60 GB model IS coming and you can take this exclusive to the bank.”

360 Premium users have been stuck with an anemic 20 GB hard drive since launch (or no HD in the Core version) that cannot be replaced by the end user. Alternatives are shelling out $180 for a 120 GB drive or buying a $450 black Elite console.

The PS3 boasts 40 GB and 80 GB models and compatibility with 2.5″ (laptop-sized) hard drives.

Source: Gamespot.com

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