This is why I don’t have time for DoTA 2

MOBAs like League of Legends and DoTA 2 have a reputation for taking a long time to finish each game, but this latest record-breaking competitive match from the DoTA 2 competitive season really takes the cake. A qualifying match between competitive teams Cloud9 and SFZ last Friday managed to stretch on for over three hours, coming in at a whopping 200 minutes of play time.

While it would be madness to ask you to watch the whole thing, be sure to check out the highlight reel to the right, which shows the trench-warfare-style plays from both teams, as neither would commit to the full-scale make-or-break push that would allow a victory. When that moment finally did come, however, I’m sure there was a massive rush from both teams to the bathroom.

The match breaks the previously set record for longest DoTA 2 round – a 125 minute long match between Team Dog and 4FC. Because of the games ludicrous length, it also managed to inadvertently shatter a whole bunch of other in-game records, such as most last-hits and highest net-worth.

Many players would agree that an average DoTA 2 game lasts around 40-60 minutes, so these kind of extraordinarily long games while somewhat of a rarity, are quite possible.

What do you guys think of MOBA game length? Should the developers take a more heavy-handed approach to reducing game length, or do you like the idea of these epic long matches?

Source: Destructoid

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