The splatter of sweet, delicious brains may be of little interest to this zombie horde.

Players around the world are immersed, quite likely at this very minute, in the pulse-pounding task of surviving an unstoppable onslaught of the undead in Valve’s Left 4 Dead. Blowing zombies limb-from-limb is all fine and good, but the folks over at PopCap Games have a different kind of zombie apocalypse in mind: a more family friendly zombie apocalypse.

With Bejeweled Twist now wrapped up and released, PopCap’s next major gaming project will tread down a somewhat darker path – though not as dark as the subject matter typically calls for. Zombies generally search out and eat the living, but one can only imagine what the puzzle-centric, casual game publisher will have them doing in its latest effort.

“It’ll be a few months, but our next new game will be worth the wait…zombie apocalypse, the PopCap way: no blood, no gore, but blood-curdlingly fun and addictive just the same,” PopCap PR rep Garth Chouteau told this week.

A zombie game without gore? Intriguing.

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