Felicia Day and the other members of The Guild know a thing or two about comedy.

The past year has been good for The Guild; the web series landed a permanent spot on Xbox Live, was released on DVD, and earned a shelf’s worth of awards. And while Day’s shy smile and geek-next-door persona has earned her a place in the heart of more than one gamer, the secret to The Guild‘s success is the respect it has for gaming culture:

“I definitely didn’t want to make fun of MMO players,” says Day, although her show, at first glance, does exactly that, updating Aristotle for the modern age. It’s through the mockery and self-immolation, however, that the true message comes through: The Guild is all of us. “I wanted [The Guild] to be a spoof of some of the things that hardcore gamers like myself know as universal. Hollywood sees the average gamer as a 14-year-old punk, or a lazy dude in his 20s who lives in his mom’s basement, and any gamer knows it goes way deeper than that. I have sympathy for all my characters, and I hope that makes people laugh with them, rather than at them.”

For more insight into what makes Day and her Guildmates tick, read The Ludicrous and share your thoughts.

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