A Vampire, a Werewolf and a Ghost Walk Into a TV Show…


Coming soon to a TV near you (if your TV is in the UK, anyway): the Soap Opera of the Dead.

Today, the BBC released details about “Being Human,” “a witty, sexy and thrilling six-part drama” that follows the lives of three not-quite-human pals.

Given the recent furor through the gaming/non-gaming community over the undead (despite “that film”) it seems as if a reasonable treatment will be given to this program, more “Kindred : The Embraced” than The Munsters.

The plot follows three characters:
George, a Jewish werewolf:

Yeah, I gave up on the whole orthodoxy thing when I started turning into a wolf.

Mitchell, a vampire:

Trust me George, there are worse things than death.

– who work as hospital porters, and their flat mate, Annie, a ghost:

Uh, you don’t have to keep going on about it, me being a ghost, it’s a bit rude. If someone’s fat and you’re like ‘you’re fat’.

as they struggle to survive past threats from their own kind, humanity, and paying the bloody bills in time.

The pilot garnered 450,000 viewers (on a digital channel) and was subject to rave reviews, some of them from me.

Rumors have been circulating of upcoming changes to the show, as the pilot’s 450,000 viewers were apparently not BBC 3’s desired demographic. The original pilot, which gained all the attention, will be re-written. Yeah, because that plan always works like a charm.

Nevertheless, the series is scheduled to air on BBC 3 or Iplayer this quarter. If it’s half as good as the pilot, it will still be a cracking series, and if people start realizing there’s a market for horror drama, then perhaps the next House of the Dead movie will end up in a better director’s hands.

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