A Walk in the Dark Is No Walk in the Park


The A Walk in the Dark extended gameplay trailer looks incredibly beautiful and viciously difficult.

I loved the look of the A Walk in the Dark debut trailer that came out last November. I’m not really a fan of platformers but indie studios have been doing amazing stuff with the genre for awhile now, and that whole “dark fairy tale set to a brooding piano” thing is right up my alley. The few gameplay bits on display looked like they might go hard on me – my fingers are basically The Ten Stooges – but I’ll put up with a lot for the right kind of ambiance in my games.

But now the first actual gameplay trailer is out, and I’ve gone from “a little concerned” to “I will punch my cat if I try to play this thing.” It’s gorgeous, if perhaps a tad Limbo-like, and I love the music, but just watching all that crazy jumping and floating around makes little beads of sweat pop out on my brow. I’d probably have more luck performing a self-appendectomy than I would trying to get to the end of this game.

But I might try anyway. I just might.

A Walk in the Dark is currently expected to come out later this year, exclusively for the PC. (And for the record, I would never punch my cat. Gritty Kitty knows where I sleep.)

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