A YouTube Fan Channel Has Turned All The Dark Souls Games Into Movies

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If you’ve always wanted to dig into the lore of Dark Souls, but you don’t have the patience for the games, a YouTube fan channel has you covered.

There are tons of YouTube channels that focus on the Dark Souls series. Many of them are happy to spend hours digging into the games and the lore that surrounds them. But what if you could watch the story of any of the games as a movie, complete with music from the game’s soundtrack, and plenty of nice editing? Well, thanks to YouTube user Moonlight Butterfly, you can do just that.

Instead of a bunch of narration or voiceovers, the games have been edited down to one-to-three hour videos that use in-game dialog to tell the tales. This isn’t just captured gameplay, either. Instead, you get what I could imagine a movie trying to tell the same story would look like.

You can find the movies of all three Dark Souls games, as well as those for Demon Souls and Bloodborne, over on Moonlight Butterfly’s YouTube channel. Best of all, you won’t have to die once while watching.

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