From the Star Wars: Episode VII set, J.J. Abrams gives you a chance to be in the film by donating to charity.

In a behind-the-scenes clip from the Star Wars: Episode VII set in Abu Dhabi, director Abrams kicked of a new charity drive while showing off a creature from Tatooine. In the video, Abrams explains that donors get the chance to fly out to the set, meet the cast, and be in the movie. In make-up and costume, you will get to be a character in a Star Wars film, assuming your footage makes it in the final cut.

A minimum $10 donation through the Omaze funding platform goes to UNICEF through the Star Wars: Force for a Change initiative and earns you an entry in the contest to visit the Star Wars set in London. Like most funding platforms, the greater the contribution, the greater the rewards are available, including posters, t-shirt, Lightsaber hilts, and private screenings of Star Wars: Episode VII.

Force for a Change is a new initiative that leverages the Star Wars brand to support UNICEF, a UN program that provides assistance to children and mothers in developing nations. Specifically, the funding will support UNICEF’s Innovation Lab, which works to create solutions to unique challenges in places with limited resources, from concept to implementation. With the billions of dollars that moves through the film industry, taking advantage of the Star Wars name to encourage charitable contributions is exciting.

The clip itself is exciting as well. In what appears to be a Tatooine market, crew and costumed cast are working on the film, and the strange alien that awkwardly passes Abrams is reminiscent of the puppets from the classic trilogy. It looks like the new Star Wars trilogy may not depend on CGI as much as the prequel trilogy.

Source: Omaze

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