Ace Attorney 5 DLC Adds a Full New Case

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The “Turnabout Return” DLC for Ace Attorney 5 bridges the gap between Ace Attorney 4 and the new game.

Ace Attorney 5 may still be a few months off its western release, but it hit Japan this week and publisher Capcom is eager to detail its plans for future DLC. In Japan, extra costumes are available now, while a “deduction quiz” and a brand new chapter entitled “Turnabout Return” will be available sometime after the game’s launch. The good news is they will also be making their way to the western version.

Turnabout Return is a brand new case for the game that bridges the gap with Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (Ace Attorney 4), and involves Phoenix’s first case after he gets his lawyer’s badge back. In the new chapter, Phoenix is hired by a whale trainer who dresses like a pirate, and he’ll have to defend her killer whale against a murder charge in court. Price and release date for this DLC will be announced at a later date.

The deduction quiz DLC is set at the Wright Anything Agency office. The prologue to this will be ready and available in the game already, and will be unlocked upon completing the game’s first case, while the next three parts will be released on August 1, August 8 and August 15 respectively, for 150 yen each.

The three DLC costumes, which include Phoenix’s original suit, a casual outfit for Apollo, and a schoolgirl outfit for Athena, will be free until August 15, after which they will set you back 150 yen.

No date or pricing info for the DLCs western release was provided.

Source: Siliconera

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