Activision and Double Fine Settle In Brutal Legend Lawsuit


The legal saga over Double Fine’s Brutal Legend has come to a close, with Activision and Double Fine settling outside of court.

If you were expecting some sort of courtroom fireworks to fly in the Activision vs. Double Fine case over Brutal Legend, I’m sorry to disappoint: the two companies have reached a settlement outside of court and the long-winded legal saga full of suits, counter-suits and shrill smack-talk has finally come to an end.

No details have been released regarding what exactly the settlement consisted of, all that we have to go on is a statement from the Los Angeles Superior Court saying that the two parties had reached an agreement, as reported by The New York Times.

A hearing had been scheduled for today that would determine if the judge would rule against Activision’s attempt to delay the game’s release, but that’s all been canceled now. A week ago that same judge had remarked that he was tentatively ruling against Activision and that he didn’t see much chance for the company to win this battle. Perhaps that discouraged the mega-publisher from continuing any legal action, leading to the settlement.

Whatever happened exactly, we might never know. Regardless of that, the important thing is, of course, that the game is coming out as originally planned this October.

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