Activision has confirmed what we already knew: More new sequels to some of its most popular franchises can be expected in 2008.

Following yesterday’s announcement of record-setting financial results, Activision said it would be releasing three new entries in the Guitar Hero franchise in 2008, with two scheduled to ship in the publisher’s first quarter (beginning April 1) and the third due before the end of the year. A report on GamesIndustry said the company would be “pushing the franchise harder in Europe” as well, following Guitar Hero 3 supply problems for the region. “We are making progress [in Europe] on the inventory front, on getting local content,” Activision CEO Robert Kotick said. “We are definitely a year behind in Europe versus what we did in North America.”

A new Call of Duty title is also on the way this fiscal, and following the phenomenal success of the recent Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which was the best-selling game worldwide in 2007 with over seven million units sold, Activision said it will expand the game’s release to include the Wii and PlayStation 2, along with the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Whether the new game will remain in the present-day setting of Call of Duty 4 or revert to the World War 2 era has not been revealed.

Strong competition from EA‘s Skate release will lead to a major overhaul for the Tony Hawk brand, with innovation promised in the wake of consumer research, while the company takes advantage of its Marvel licenses with new Spider-Man and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance releases. Movie-based games for fiscal 2009 will include tie-ins to the new Jack Black film Kung-Fu Panda and the sequel to Madagascar.

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