Activision has revealed more details about Destiny’s new expansion The Dark Below, including a release date and a few extra goodies for PlayStation players.

Activision has released more information into the wild about Destiny’s long-awaited first expansion. Entitled The Dark Below, the expansion will be released December 9 as the first of two scheduled packs.

The Dark Below brings new weapons, armor, and gear to the table as well as a new story branch and a Light Level cap increase to 32. The focal point of the expansion’s story is a mysterious character named Eris, who has hid among the nooks and crannies of the Hive for years before escaping to the Tower, and brings ill tidings of The Hive’s latest plans. The Hive intends to summon a god named Crota to destroy humanity. Players will be able to take on three new missions from Eris which will increase player’s Light and offer rewards.

In addition to the new quest and mission content, players can take part in a new co-op strike, which pits a fireteam against Omnigul as she attempts to expand the Hive at Crota’s command. A new six-player raid named Crota’s End will cap things off in the depths of Hellmouth.

Both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners will receive an exclusive co-op strike entitled The Undying Mind as well as an exclusive exotic weapon.

The Dark Below will retail for $20 standalone or players can still purchase the Expansion Pass which will give access to both expansions for $35. The Dark Below will release December 9 for all Destiny versions.

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