Having secured the top publishing spot in the U.S., Activision dropped a couple details about their plans for the next Call of Duty title.

The next game in the series will appear on six platforms – the PC, PS3, 360, DS, PS2 and Wii. The latter two were skipped for Modern Warfare.

“We’ll bring the intensity of the recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare title to a new military theater to engage our significantly larger user base which nearly doubled last year as new users came into the franchise,” Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith said.

He did not elaborate on whether a “new military theater” also meant a contemporary setting. Nor did he say whether Treyarch or Infinity Ward would develop the game.

In related news, Activision also said the engine behind Modern Warfare will be used for the Treyarch-developed upcoming James Bond game, set for release in the fall and timed to coincide with the next film from the franchise.

Source: Gamespot.com

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