Activision Teases the Return of Sierra Entertainment – Update


Mysterious site teases return of PC Gaming legend, possible reveal coming at GamesCom 2014

Update 8/10: Shortly after midnight on the West Coast, a new @sierra_games Twitter account linked to the previously revealed mystery-site appeared online and tweeted the opening lyric to LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out: “Don’t call it a comeback.”

Original Story: From the 80s into the mid-90s, Sierra Entertainment was one of the titans of the PC Gaming scene, developing classic games that remain benchmarks for a generation of gamers. But a subsequent slow decline through series of corporate mergers, restructures and eventual absorption by Activision Blizzard led to the company being shut down and the once-ubiquitous Sierra label ceasing to exist. Until now., a mysterious teaser website supposedly launched by Activision on August 6, features an autoplay YouTube video of an unnamed figure traveling through an arctic landscape before taking off at a sprint for a mountain that becomes visible in the distance as the screen shifts to a sleek modernized version of the classic Sierra logo. The only other “clue” provided is a link to the website of GamesCom 2014 in Cologne, which many are taking as an indication that Activision plans to announce the revival of the Sierra Entertainment label in some new form at the event.

Another hoped-for possibility is the re-release or revival of various dormant game franchises. In its heyday, Sierra was responsible for now-classic series like Kings Quest, Police Quest, Quest For Glory, Space Quest, Gabriel Knight and the infamous Leisure Suit Larry; most of which have not been continued into the 21st Century and many of which have only been available through GOG or other outlets for some time.

At this time, Activision has made no official statement on the matter.


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