Comedy animators get whimsical to salute (possible) end of anime legend

It’s still a bit unclear what’s actually happening at Japan’s Studio Ghibli. It was reported a month ago that the anime powerhouse would be shutting down in the wake of the retirement of Hayao Miyazaki, but it was subsequently “clarified” that the company is only planning to stop production temporarily to restructure – though it’s still not clear what that will entail, and many fans still suspect that one way or another the end has come for the “real” Ghibli.

One group of such fans appears to be the makers of Animation Domination High-Def. The prolific digital cartoon outlet, originally conceived as a challenger to Adult Swim by the Fox network, typically deals in crude or dark comedy; but they’ve also demonstrated a well-versed anime familiarity and a softer side for nostalgia. So it’s not surprising that they’d put the two together in tribute to memories of Studio Ghibli for their newest musical short, “Goodbye, Ghibli.”

Though popular online, ADHD never quite connected with a television audience. Fox announced earlier this year that the network version of the show will come to an end, transitioning the franchise to digital-only with plans to use the format for testing out potential new series.

Source: ADHD


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