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Adventure Quest Worlds: We Asked, You Told Us


AdventureQuest Worlds: Adding YOUR Ideas In Game!

What’s better than playing a MMO that YOU help create? …hrm, other than a bajillion dollars and world peace, I can’t think of anything else rational! You see, AdventureQuest Worlds might be made by Devs much like myself, but without the suggestions and from you and your fellow players, we would have never been able to create such a popular MMORPG-and not to mention, one that actually implements player ideas in each weekly release. Don’t believe me? Excellent… then this article is here to prove you wrong.

Since the game’s launch in October 2008, AQWorlds has consistently released new content in game every week. The world of Lore is constantly expanding with the help of you and your friends (and our programmers). By listening to your ideas on the Battleon Forums, in game, and on various social networking sites, the whacky team behind the monitor finds a way to make as many suggestions possible in our MMO. And AQWorlds’ newest release is FULL of said ideas!


The ingeniously-named “Player Suggestion Shop” inside the town of Battleon sells weapons, armors, helms, and capes inspired by our AQW friends. Yup, that’s right-there’s a little artist hidden in all of us, and this shop proves it. On our Forums, there are multiple threads (8, in fact, with an average of 400 replies per post) where you can submit your very own AQW Item ideas. And if we like what we see-aaaand if it could be functional-we just might put your idea in game!

You don’t have to be an artistic prodigy like Miltonius or J6 to have your item ideas considered. All of the pictures in this blurb were inspired by AQW’ers. Amazing, aren’t they?


Being able to put your ideas and suggestions in game makes us so happy-and seeing your items wielded by millions of players worldwide is an even more gratifying EXPerience. If you want to submit your own ideas-from quick sketches to full-out Photoshop masterpieces-head on over to and let your ideas be heard… or, rather, seen!

Until next time….
Battle on!
Beleen, Artix, Cysero and the AdventureQuest Worlds Team

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