AdventureQuest Worlds: Celebrating Earth Day All Week Long!

As you probably know by now, the whacky team over at Artix Entertainment likes to celebrate every holiday in the form of weekly releases. And Earth Day just so happens to be one of them! As you are reading this/looking at the pretty pictures, players of AdventureQuest Worlds ( ) are busily exploring our newest Event Map dedicated to Earth Day… and also a parody off a hit 90’s Cartoon Show.


Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! … and Hp Bar!

Ring a bell? If it does, great! But if not… then we have really aged ourselves.

A new threat has just been discovered in the world of Lore. With the help of his Elementals, a villain unlike any other is out to destroy the planet: General Pollution! Help save the AQWorld by combining your powers with the mullet-rockin’-but-not-copyright-infringing- good-guy, Captain Lore! It is up to you and Captain Lore to confront the General and take Pollution down to zero… health.


Saving the world is a reward of its own, but there are some incentives… erm, motivations, throughout the release. Along with the return of last year’s Seasonal Rare Items, new Earth Day armors and weapons are making the scene, available for every pollution-slaying hero. Here’s your chance to show Mother Nature you truly care while building up that rare-item collection of yours. It’s a win-win!

Follow this week’s release and discover more spoilers by reading out up-to-date Design Notes ( ). Or you can EXP the madness firsthand-and for free!-at !

Until next time…
Battle On!
Beleen and the AdventureQuest Worlds Team

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