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AdventureQuest Worlds: Mastering the Bard



AdventureQuest Worlds: Mastering the Bard Class


Wanna become the AQWorld’s greatest Bard? You’ve stumbeled upon to the right article then! The newest interchangeable Class in the MMO AdventureQuest Worlds ( ) is music to our ears… literally! As a Bard, you dominate the battlefield with killer jams and healing melodies, specializing in ally buffs, Heal over Time/Damage over Time abilities, and monster debuffs.

But just because you reach Rank 10 in the Bard Class doesn’t automatically make you the most epic Bard in all of Lore. Oh sure, it helps a lot to have the max Rank for your Class (and to know all of your music chords), but if you aspire to be the best Bard of them all, we’ll need to take a few steps back and examine the Class through Mod knowhow. And it just so happens that I’m the Mod for the job!

Let’s start at the very beginning, since that is usually the best place to do so. The Bard is AQWorlds’ newest Class and ties in perfectly with Lore’s music-inspired zone, Mythsong Canyon. Bards are musicians who have a dramatic effect on the tide of battle, making them valuable allies in the toughest of encounters. Only those who hold a high-standing with Mythsong Canyon may equip this new Class; once a Reputation of Rank 4 is met, the shopkeeper Jon Jett will offer you the Bard Class for a mere 1,000 Gold for select Members!

For the sake of this article, I will be using my magical Mod powers to display the impossible: a Level 1 hero with the Bard Class equipped. This is the best way to break down the Bard Class from the utmost basic beginnings so that you are able to see-both verbally and with the help of screenshots-just how rockin’ the Bard Class really is!


Not that impressive? Here’s what’s up: the above picture states the Bard Class at its most basic unenhanced form at Rank 1, on a hero that is Level 1, and without any Enhancements applied to any equipped item. (I told you it was the bare basics!) As you Level up, Rank up, and apply Enhancements to your equipped items (from Class to Helm to Cape and Weapon), these stats will improve drastically.
Now, if you were to add, say, Level 1 Healer Enhancements to all of your equipped gear, including your Rank 1 Bard Class, your character’s stats would change to something along the lines of:


Hey, now that’s more like it! Even though subtle, you can compare both pictures and see that Enhancing your Class and Items is the way to go. I strictly chose Level 1 Healer Enhancements, but you are welcome and able to pick any type of Enhancement you want, as long as you meet the Level requirements!

Studying the Bard’s abilities is key when picking out the perfect Enhancements. The Bard specializes in Magical-based abilities, so focusing on your Intellect and Wisdom Stats will help improve your Magic Power. However, if you want to hone in on the Bard’s physical attack power, enhancing your Strength, Dexterity, and Endurance Stats would be your best option. Here is an example of the differences to expect if you chose the latter (still with a Level 1 hero Rank 1 Bard):


So now that you kinda have an idea how Enhancements work, it’s time to study up on your newfound abilities! The Bodhran ability comes standard with the Bard, calling upon the Drums of War to offer major buffs to your allies. At the expense of 20 mana, Bodhran raises the Damage dealt from allies by 20%, increases Haste by 10%, and ups Critical Strike chance by 5% to the entire party. This is a great way to stay in tune with your party no matter your Rank or Level!

Once you make it to Rank 2, Cantor’s Lament becomes available. With a 2 second cooldown, this ability deals moderate damage to a target while applying a Damage over Time (DoT) attack known as “Crescendo.” The DoT gets stronger every time the target is attacked, lasting for 10 seconds. Costing only 10 mana per cast, you are able to stack Crescendo multiple times (up to 10) on a single target, causing serious amounts of increasing damage per tick. This ability is very useful against enemies with high HP, especially Chaos Lords and your crazed music-loving fanatics.

What good is a Bard’s DoT without a HoT? Not sure, but this next ability is very helpful regardless. O’Carolan’s Reel unlocks at Rank 3, applying a constant Heal over Time (HoT) effect to all nearby allies, including yourself. This ability costs a staggering 30 mana per use, but it is well worth it when engaging in a tough Boss battle. One should note that this is not an instant-heal; rather, O’Carolan’s Reel is most effective for steadily regenerating you and your allies’ HP during an extensive fight.


For your victorious battles against tough baddies and even tougher venues, two unique abilities unlock at Rank 4-both of which are passive! The first passive ability, Toured the World, grants you a permanent 20% increase to your Wisdom Stat (much like how this article is buffing your Wisdom IRL). Agitato Allegro is the other Rank 4 ability, increasing your Haste by 10% and Critical Chance by 5%.
Your last ability is delivered at Rank 5: Dissonance! Considered a monster debuff, Dissonance reduces the target’s Damage and Haste by 15% and Critical Chance by 5%. Additionally, the Bard’s final ability grants extra mana regen to you and your allies for 15 seconds, which can ultimately transform a seemingly one-sided battle into more of a fair fight. And at a cost of only 10 mana with a speedy 2 second cooldown, Dissonance makes a great companion when paired with the Bodhran ability.

Before we go our separate URLs, I’d like to end with a sneak-peek at the stats-build of a Lvl 30 Rank 10 Bard when Enhanced with its favorable Enhancements: Healer.


Now that’s a nice build! But there are so many different Enhancements to choose from (over 1700 in fact) that your own Bard will vary depending on your Stat choices. Aaand how much Gold you have left in your inventory.

EXP the Bard Class for yourself at! Until next time…

Battle on and Rock on!
Beleen and the AdventureQuest Worlds Team

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