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AdventureQuest Worlds: Mythsong Canyon Arrives


AdventureQuest Worlds: Mythsong Canyon has been Released!

Highly anticipated since the release of Greenguard Forest, players of the MMO AdventureQuest Worlds ( ) can finally journey to the music capital of Lore! The fertile valley of Mythsong Canyon is made famous for its naturally acoustic geography along with the legendary Singing Crystals, each playing a unique tune when touched (they really do work-you should try it out!).

This Canyon is also home to musically-talented-pun-laden NPCs that are sure to please any music genre fanatic. Unfortunately, while Mythsong’s inhabitants prepare for the music fest Lorestockapalooza, various new monster mobs have surfaced who apparently hate our taste in music… and our parodies.


Yeah, we went there. It’s the Beetle and Pat Minotaur!

Lorestockapalooza is a week-long festival combined with a battle of the bands competition. All the best musicians, bands, and bards travel from all over Lore to perform in Mythsong while trading lyrics and stories amongst one another. Lorestockapalooza is only a few short weeks away and the town’s NPCs sure could use an extra hand around their shops. Help out each new NPC and reap the rewards in the form of Gold, Reputation, Experience, and new Items!

Wanna find out more? Buff your INT stats by reading our up-to-date Design Notes ( )! Or you can EXP the madness firsthand-and for free!-at !

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Battle On!
Beleen and the AdventureQuest Worlds Team

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