Adventure Time: Kumail Nanjiani Didn’t Receive Offer to Reprise Prismo Role

Adventure Time is officially back with a new animated spin-off called Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake. The new series follows the titular two characters, who are alternate universe versions of Finn and Jake. However, there are plenty of returning characters, including fan-favorite Prismo. Unfortunately, Kumail Nanjiani won’t return to voice Prismo in Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake, and it seems like his representation didn’t pass the chance onto him.

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On X, Nanjiani expressed his disappointment in not being contacted to reprise the role. The post has since been deleted, but read, “Yeah that’s not me. I would have loved to have voiced Prismo again. He’s one of my absolute favorite characters I’ve ever had the honor of playing. He is very close to my heart. Unfortunately they never asked me to come back and voice him again. I would have done it for free.”


Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake showrunner Adam Muto replied to Nanjiani saying they’d reached out to the actor’s representation and offered flexible scheduling. The actor’s reps respectfully declined, which isn’t out the ordinary, but appears to have been not in line with what the actor would have done had he heard about the offer. In the only post that wasn’t deleted, Nanjiani replied back to Muto, “Wow. They never told me. That is ridiculous. I am very sorry for that. And I will be talking to my reps. Can you tell me when you would have sent the offer? I want to figure out what happened. And congrats on the premiere!”

Clearly, the only person at fault here is whoever told Muto that Nanjiani wouldn’t be interested in playing Prismo again. The series has a ton of other voice actors returning, though Nanjiani might be the biggest name, and it’s easy to understand why the showrunners assumed the actor was just too busy to come back. Regardless, viewers and critics have received Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake warmly, because more Adventure Time is still more Adventure Time.

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