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AdventureQuest Worlds: Don’t Burn the Chinchilla!


AdventureQuest Worlds: Fight the next Chaos Beast-Dracowerepyre!

What happens when a Chaorrupted half-Vampire half-Lycan Werepyre sinks its fangs into a Red Dragon? Some might call it “game-over,” but in the world of Lore, we know it as the next Chaos Beast: the Dracowerepyre! As you are reading this, the Heroes of AdventureQuest Worlds ( ) are teaming up to take down the dreaded Dracowerepyre. The first of its kind (and hopefully the last), this hybrid beast will stop at nothing to serve its master, Wolfwing. With a whopping HP bar and devastating attacks, you and your friends will have to join a party of well-armed warriors to stand a chance at surviving the Dracowerepyre encounter.


Don’t burn the chinchilla!

On top of this week’s epic release, we are re-releasing last year’s egg-laden holiday map, along with Seasonal Rare Items, monsters, and quests that only happen during the 1st Sunday of April! If you missed out on last year’s Easter event-dubbed Grenwog (where the name came from, I have NO idea)-now is your chance to relive it! Come Friday at sundown, you can get your hands on Grenwog Seasonal Rares and prepare yourself for the mutated egg-laying rabbit holiday.


The highly-anticipated Berserker Bunny Armor-along with the transforming helm and polearm-is also making its grand return for this special holiday. Get your hands on the 2010 Seasonal Easter Rares by logging in to now!

Battle on!
Beleen and the AQW Team

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