AdventureQuest Worlds: DOOMSDAY!

In the latest developer journal from Artix Entertainment, devs allow readers to meet the AdventureQuest Worlds’ Second Lord of Chaos as well as give some insight into housing and teleporting. Check it out:


The Second Lord of Chaos Revealed

Just revealed in the cutscene available now in Warlic’s Magic shop

This week, in the AdventureQuest Worlds MMO ( asteroids will destroy our town, houses go on sale and… well… we knew the 2nd Lord of Chaos would be chosen soon… but no one expected there to be two of them! Legend says that when a great King, Queen or Hero is at a moral crossroads THE TWINS arrive. The first twin is pure evil and only offers evil advice. The second twin is pure good and only offers good advice. Together, they create perfect balance and order.


But what would happen if we secretly replaced the good twin with her opposite from… *plot spoiler* *plot spoiler* *plot spoiler* (BAD ARTIX! BAD! Hi there. This is Beleen , and if you want to find out what happened to the Good Twin you will have to read the upcoming Warcry Network updates!) Awww… (BAD ARTIX!)


It’s the end of the world… as we know it… and it’s the end….
A one-time only world changing event is about to take place. As revealed in the two cutscenes that are available in game, two Asteroids are on a collision course that crushes our home town of Battleon into a smoldering crater. The greatest Mages (NPCs and real players) gathered to find way to save our town from Armageddon!! One idea was to send Bruce Willis and his gang of actor friends up in a space ship to drill a hole in it, plant explosives and send it off course…. but finally decided on a single action to save the town: TELEPORT IT!


Yup, you heard me right. On Friday, June 26th over 20,000 magic users of all types (real players) will gather around town and attempt the greatest spell ever cast. We are going to levitate Battleon, ripping it out of the ground. When it is high enough we will cast a massive teleportation spell to move the entire town. You may have heard of things like this in the backstory of other games… but in AQWorlds the players are actually going to do it! History is being made.
We have been building the cutscenes just a day before they go live. The forums have been fueling us with creative ideas and no one, not even the team knows how this is ultimately going to play out…. Which is perhaps one of the things that makes the AdventureQuest Worlds MMO so special.

Houses for Sale!

As advertised by Penny, the Centaur 21 Housing Agent
With the impending Housing Market Crash (you know, from the giant Asteroids) we have opened housing far, far away from the impact site. With our grand opening of housing, Players will be able to buy a one to three room home including Cottage (1000g), Villa (4500g), Tudor (15000g), and possibly a Haunted House. In future releases, Centaur 21 Housing promises there will be Keeps, Castles, Crypts and Flying Fortresses. On Friday, over 125 house items will be available for purchase. Customize your new home with everything from rugs to ballistas!


Coming Next

Next week’s release depends on the fate of our home town, Battleon. This is AQWorlds… ANYTHING can happen. As for features: STATS and PVP are next! Originally, STATS were supposed to go in first, but due to complexity Zhoom released housing while Minimal continued working on STATS & PVP. This is going to be an epic summer for AQWorlds. Good luck teleporting the town… BATTLE ON!

About AQWorlds (

AdventureQuest Worlds is a free, browser based, massively multiplayer game built in Flash. It features real time combat, extremely customizable characters, and is updated continuously with new weapons, armors, quests, features, and… weird stuff… continually by the friendly team building it!

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