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AdventureQuest Worlds: Party Like It’s Friday the 13th!


Another Friday the 13th looms and Artix Entertainment and the AdventureQuest team want to invite you to a PAR-TAY! Special guest musician, Voltaire, and his homicidal teddy bear will be there to make enough noise to wake the dead! Grab the details below:

AdventureQuest Worlds celebrates another Friday the 13th!

What could possibly go wrong?

Three Friday the 13ths in one year? Just how lucky can an unlucky day be? You and your fellow heroes of AdventureQuest Worlds ( ) are about to find out! Join us sundown on this Friday the 13th for a special event featuring the musical mastermind, Voltaire. Voltaire and his homicidal teddy bear, Deady, are putting on the biggest concert in all of Lore-and you are officially invited by the musician himself! Voltaire will be performing a special rendition of his hit song “Day of the Dead” alongside a skeletal mariachi band to celebrate your favorite superstitious day!


You’re in luck… for the moment. Seeing Voltaire live in concert is just one of the many surprises in store for you. Since this is the most unlucky day of the year, don’t expect to pass by unscathed! For participating in the evening festivities-and furthermore, surviving them-you will receive a legendary achievement and will be able to get your hands on a bundle of rare unlucky items (we think that having unlucky charms on an unlucky day will result in something positively positive). Dastardly quests will impede your path on a new island swarming with indigenous skeletons and… well… it would be bad luck to give out anymore spoilers!
Test out your luck now on !

Battle on!
Beleen & the AE Team

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