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Aero GPX Is an F-Zero-Like Racer on Kickstarter with a Breakneck Demo to Try

Aaron McDevitt has launched a Kickstarter page and demo for Aero GPX, a cel-shaded anti-gravity racing game that takes after F-Zero.

Solo developer Aaron McDevitt has launched a Kickstarter for Aero GPX, a cel-shaded anti-gravity racing game that takes after Nintendo’s futuristic F-Zero series. Its inspiration is clear from the jump as players can be seen traveling at blistering speeds in colorful little vehicles that whip around turns so fast it’ll make your head spin. However, Aero GPX puts greater emphasis on car combat, making it an interesting blend between a racing experience and action game. McDevitt’s aim, as explained on the Kickstarter page that was erected today, is to create a game with “responsive controls that are simple to pick up but difficult to master.”

Alongside its new Kickstarter, Aero GPX has a Steam page and a demo available to check out. You can also check out the Kickstarter trailer while we wait for the game to come to PC estimatedly sometime in 2024.

Aero GPX is only set to come to PC for now, but McDevitt hopes that won’t stay the case. The creator notes that it “belongs on the Switch” and is hoping to bring it to other consoles too, but PC is the only thing promised until the Kickstarter has run its course. Speaking of, as of the time of publication, the Aero GPX Kickstarter has raised 34% of its $72,564 goal, with over 500 backers already. There are 29 days to go before the Kickstarter comes to a close come November 17. More information on stretch goals will arrive soon.

F-Zero has been without a mainline entry for nearly 20 years, and it looks like Aero GPX might just scratch the itch that fans have had since. It takes place in the far-off future, giving players more than 30 pilots, who each have their own vehicle, backstory, and personality. With these racers come seven planets, and the soundtrack already sounds like it’s going to be sick. Keep an eye on Aero GPX for updates as the Kickstarter continues.

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