Ailing Economy To Impact Child’s Play?


Penny Arcade’s children’s charity kicks off its annual fundraising efforts this month, amidst concern of fewer donations.

With the economic crisis forcing folks into pay cuts and leaving them without jobs, the lack of disposable income means people are going to be erring on the side of caution when opening their wallets. The gaming industry is also showing signs of fatigue under the economic strain. This is exactly what worries Child’s Play organizers this year, now that the 2008 fund drive is underway.

The charity calls on the gaming community for donations to provide children’s hospitals around the country with videogames, movies, and toys to help brighten the lives of kids suffering from serious illness. Formed six years ago by the guys over at Penny Arcade, the annual event has grown steadily. Last year’s drive was extremely successful, but PA’s president of operations and business development Robert Khoo is worried the charity event will take a hit this year.

“Despite receiving $1.3 million in donations last year, we know the economic landscape is pretty volatile, so we’d be ecstatic if we hit our $750,000 goal for 2008,” Khoo told GameSpot last week. “Times are tough, but we also know that all the hospitals in the Child’s Play network appreciate anything and everything they receive.”

Each year, the charity receives donations from videogame publishers, developers, and gaming industry associations, along with thousands of generous gamers. Over 50 hospitals around the country and abroad now participate in Child’s Play. If you’ve got the spare green, lend a hand to the little gamers out there who are going through tougher times. Check the official website for more information on how to donate.

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